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Google AdWords: the new era of advertising

During the past 17 years, Google has become like a friend with whom we share our lives on a daily basis, one that has contributed enormously to the so-called inter-web (or maybe the ‘Little Big Web’). Google has worked hard to become a leader in many areas thanks to a multitude of innovations that have changed our habits. Becoming such a…

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Program events on Google Analytics

Implementing code to schedule events in Google Analytics is more or less similar to the implementation of Google Analytics’ traditional tracking code. The goal of events on Google Analytics is…

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Control your e-reputation

Have you ever searched your name or company’s name on Google to see what’s being said about you? The Internet can provide you with a wealth of information and it’s…

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What is web analytics?

The Internet has given us access to an incredible amount of information. While many companies are today concentrating their efforts to ensure their presence on the Internet and boost their…

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