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Why create your website using WordPress ?

WordPress is the world's most used CMS platform

More than 100 million websites around the world are made using WordPress, representing more than 1 in 4 websites. Today, WordPress represents the standard for free content management systems (CMS).

WordPress has the largest community of developers

All developers are familiar with WordPress, so you’ll have no trouble getting help when you need it. There are also many forums and free training tutorials for those who want to learn how to master the platform themselves.

WordPress is one of the most constantly evolving platforms

WordPress allows you to create a simple blog and turn it into a high traffic website, integrating as many languages as you want. You can even create a secure online store with different levels of admin access.

Wordpress is one of the least restrictive platforms around

While many platforms are limited in terms of site customization, the number of modules offered and even available themes, WordPress is a virtually limitless platform (you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised).

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The day My Little   BIG Web started using WordPress

WordPress brings website design within everyone’s reach

As explained above, WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. Its community is constantly growing and adding to the many themes and modules available on the web. Again, we do not have any special interest in making you choose WordPress to create your website, but if you do some research you will find that all experts agree that WordPress is an excellent platform (if properly configured by a real specialist).

Whether you are a beginner in web site design or an expert, you will be able to have 100% autonomous control of your WordPress site, and can continue to improve your knowledge for free thanks to the numerous training programs and forums available online.

Why does My Little Big Web specialize in WordPress ?

The first reason is that the platform is gaining momentum and demand for it is continuously growing. The second reason is that WordPress represents the best value-to-price ratio for our customers who want a solid, personalized site that belongs 100% to them. Unlike platforms developed by other web agencies, WordPress is an open source tool that allows anyone to create and control their own website.

We have created more than 400 sites using WordPress, including corporate showcase sites, online shops and blogs. You can see examples of our designs at the bottom of this page or you can consult our portfolio here:

Designing your WordPress website with My Little Big Web

If you choose My Little Big Web to help design your website using WordPress, we aren’t simply going to ask you to pick a pre-existing theme from our examples; this would cause you to have the same (or similar) website to other clients. Instead, we will start with examples of sites you like (WordPress or not) to create your 100% customised and unique website. Our WordPress specialists know this platform so well that they create their own WordPress modules if needed!

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, you will fully participate in the design of your WordPress site by validating every step of its design. From the outline to the visual graphics to the functionalities of the site, you will be able to follow the evolution of the project by having access to the development server on which your site will be built at all times.

You will therefore be in full control of the project while our WordPress specialists help guide you in making the right choices. Once the site is completed and approved, we will offer you training with a dedicated WordPress expert who will answer all of your questions.

The LITTLE BIG testimonials

I must absolutely underline the professionalism of the superb team from My Little Big Web!

A young and dynamic team who listen to my needs and are very quick to respond. I recommend them without hesitation!

I have found a long-term partner for my business!

Éric Giroux, CEO of Productions Disco-Tech

As an entrepreneur who realizes its first project, it is important to get good advice. I do not think it is easy to build a custom website for a client who has a vague image in mind, and Little Big Team has been able to shape my ideas and offer me solutions both Site functionalities level and at the level Design.

The result of my collaboration with My Little big Web is a fluid site providing an optimal user experience for online booking site, simple but effective.

For those who doubt, Willo is very competent and responsive despite the a priori we can have on the canine species.

Kevin Crozet , Founder of Navette Ski Montréal

A BIG THANKS to the team at My Little Big Web for such a beautiful website.

The team really listened to my input, and was quite responsive and efficient throughout the entire process.

I have absolutely no regrets in my choice of your agency, as you gave me exactly what I wanted; all with impeccable service 🙂

Laura Belfadla, Académie Végétale



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