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Why invest in online advertising?

To better target your audience

With online advertising, you can precisely define your target audience via criteria such as gender, age, interests, geographical area, occupation etc.

To measure your results in real time

Get your day-to-day performance statistics and tailor your advertising strategy instantly to improve your results

Because the game has changed

Traditional advertising grows by just 6% each year, while online advertising records growth rates of 15% to 20% each year

To be there from the beginning of purchase intention

87% of buyers search the Internet before taking action. Online advertising has become a source of growth for businesses. Also be aware that 1 in 2 adults do comparative research on the Internet during their visit to the store.


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An online advertising campaign must fulfill a specific purpose. For example, you can try to increase traffic to your website, sell more online, encourage your visitors to download a document, contact you or increase your reputation. Depending on your goals, we advise you on the strategy to be put in place.

We know that your goals may change from one period to another or as a result of changes in your company. That’s why we guarantee you great flexibility in managing your online advertising campaigns; nothing is ever set in stone!


Depending on your budget, we provide you with forecasts of the number of visitors expected on your website and the number of conversions you can get. You will be able to know your cost per conversion in advance and therefore be able to calculate the profitability of your online advertising expenses. You can increase or decrease your budget at any time.

We can also help you define your optimal budget and modify it according to your results to either increase your traffic or get the same traffic but with a lower budget.


We search for terms that your customers type into Google to bring your ads to the top of the search results. We also clean up keywords to prevent your ads from appearing for terms that are not directly related to your products and services. We can add as many keywords as you like.

We can also build your keyword strategy so that it also influences your natural SEO and thus therefore enable you to lower your advertising expenses in the medium term.


The pages on which your visitors arrive once they click on your ads must be perfectly optimized so that they fully understand the actions you expect from them (calls, contact form, registration etc.). We will therefore create dedicated pages to increase your conversion rate.

This will also allow us to perform A/B tests, that is, to modify some elements of the page to see which of the two versions works best and therefore improve the results of your online advertising campaign.


You will receive regular reports detailing the number of times your ads have been viewed, the number of clicks, the number of conversions, the budget spent, your cost per conversion, and the optimizations we have planned in order to improve your performance.

From these reports, you can decide to increase, reduce or stop the budget invested for a specific campaign and therefore always ensure that your return on investment satisfies you.

100$ bonus

Our partnership with Google allows us to offer $100 for each new Google AdWords user. Therefore, if you have never advertised on Google AdWords before and want to entrust us with the creation of your account, we can give you a $100 bonus.

This amount will automatically be added to the budget you set when you want to start your online advertising campaigns.



There are many Web Marketing agencies in Montreal. To support the online communication of the French Chamber of Commerce in Quebec City, I needed both a reliable partner but also able to train my team to obtain a perfect synergy of the pole “Internet Marketing and Communication”

So I chose to work with My Little Big Web because they perfectly advice me on the strategy to implement and they also explain to me the key concepts of web marketing. I particularly appreciate their approach a “clear vision of Web Marketing”. Not being an expert in this field, I need to quickly understand the different actions implemented and their impact on results.

I recommend their services to all companies seeking a reliable and efficient partner!

Maryse Grob, President of the French Chamber of Commerce, Quebec Department

I had been reading some MY LITTLE BIG WEB articles that I enjoyed a lot, therefore I decided to contact the agency.

In Switzerland, I had not found the answer to my questions, but thanks to My Little Big Web, I was quickly supported by a dynamic, efficient, friendly and very attentive staff.

My website was in need of SEO, new content, refreshment, of a marketing strategy … all this in a short time and for the right price.

A big THANK YOU to your agency for guiding me and for targeting my needs in a quick and professional manner.

I also raised an important point about you, which is your greeting! It is very good!

Thank you for your work My Little Very BIG Web!

Valentina Schick, Founder of

As an entrepreneur who realizes its first project, it is important to get good advice. I do not think it is easy to build a custom website for a client who has a vague image in mind, and Little Big Team has been able to shape my ideas and offer me solutions both Site functionalities level and at the level Design.

The result of my collaboration with My Little big Web is a fluid site providing an optimal user experience for online booking site, simple but effective.

For those who doubt, Willo is very competent and responsive despite the a priori we can have on the canine species.

Kevin Crozet , Founder of Navette Ski Montréal

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