Académie Végétale’s corporate showcase website created with WordPress

Présentation of Académie Végétale

The most used CMS in the world has once again proven to us it can be put to excellent use. Indeed, it is with WordPress that the team at My Little Big Web decided to create Académie Végétale’s corporate showcase website. At My Little Big Web, we strive to offer our clients 100% customized corporate websites. Our web design services give Académie Végétale the exceptional opportunity to make a great first impression with their own customers.

Académie Végétale wanted to make a WordPress corporate showcase website to reflect their image: colourful, dynamic and energetic. This is why our developers have done everything possible to design such an atypical website. The simplicity and the colors of the website give users a unique experience online, while getting right to the point: where to get the support and know-how in order to eat better.

Our client started from a simple observation: our energy comes from what we eat. With classes and workshops, internships, consultations and conferences, the possibilities of receiving support and advice are numerous. All availabilities are posted online in real-time on their website and it is even possible to easily make a reservation for any program.

In addition, thanks to our expertise in WordPress development, we were able to work closely with the Académie Végétale team to offer a very useful blog with tips such as: understanding the benefits of a healthy diet, knowing where to buy the right products and how to cook them. The creation of Académie Végétale’s WordPress corporate showcase website followed the heart of the project whose goal was to support essential values for a body’s well-being.

Learning how to cook, regaining your love of food and approaching a healthy diet in a positive way through an easy-to-use corporate showcase website is exactly what you can find on the Académie Végétale website. Don’t wait any longer to improve your body and your mind.



The creation of a new website Académie Végétale.
The creation, design and integration of all website content.
The optimisation of the site’s user experience.
Website development carried out on the WordPress CMS.
Development of the website using responsive design.
Multi browser navigation.



Website coded in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP5.
WordPress’ platform was used with a 100% customised theme.
Photoshop and PhotoImpact used for graphic design purposes.
All custom website themes and modules made by MLBW.
Google Font used.
Retina screen display optimisation (for IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch & MacBook Pro Retina).
Compatible with all current Internet browsers, as well as their former updates.



Date : 2017
CMS : WordPress
Languages : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
Website :


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