Designing the Kliklakay Online Store, by My Little Big Web

Presentation of Kliklakay

Kliklakay is a company offering a food transfer service to Haiti. Intended for the broad Haitian diaspora, it offers a more secure and easily controllable alternative to sending money to Haiti. Moreover, it relies on the help of small traders working locally on the island. In this way, it allows people who wish to help their loved ones to do so, while participating in the economic development of the country.

My Little Big Web has, once again, put its expertise and mastery of the WordPress CMS to the test to create the online store of Kliklakay!

Kliklakay has positioned itself as a fast and efficient intermediary between Haiti and its diaspora. The company offers a wide range of products that are part of many typical Haitian dishes, which it then delivers free of charge and in 48 hours to any home, anywhere in Port-au-Prince.

Beyond the products and services it offers, Kliklakay maintains a strong will and affirmation that its site reflects the human values that the company holds.

For the design of the Kliklakay e-Commerce site, the My Little Big Web development team has once again used its WordPress know-how to create a site that is both ergonomic and visually appealing.

This tailor-made online store highlights the various products and services offered by Kliklakay in a clear way. Thanks to its modern design and its highly visual layout, it is easy to find information to understand the nature of the service offered and the most important elements are highlighted in a subtle manner.

All these elements make navigation on the Kliklakay online store simple and intuitive. The user understands at first glance what he can and must do, making his user experience both visually and practically enjoyable.



The creation of the online store of Kliklakay.
The creation, design and integration of all website content.
The optimisation of the site’s user experience.
Website development carried out on the WordPress CMS.
Development of the website using responsive design.
Multi browser navigation.



Website coded in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP5.
WordPress’ platform was used with a 100% customised theme.
Photoshop used for graphic design purposes.
All custom website themes and modules made by MLBW.
Google Font used.
Retina screen display optimisation (for IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch & MacBook Pro Retina).
Compatible with all current Internet browsers, as well as their former updates



Date : 2017
CMS : WordPress
Technologies : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS


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