Redesign of the website of Compensation en Assurance Médicaments du Québec

Presentation of the Compensation en Assurance Médicaments du Québec company

The Compensation en Assurance Médicaments du Québec company is a private personal insurance entity.

Established on the 1st of August 1997 in the aftermath of the passing of the law regarding medication insurance and the creation of a general medication insurance regime. Its role consists of watching over the functioning of the system put in place by the industry in order to distribute between insurers and administrators of social benefit programs the risks stemming from the general system. This system of mutualization is the only mechanism recognized to that end by the government of Quebec, and the company is the only such organism authorized to supervise the its functioning.

The mandate of My Little Big Web consisted of a complete redesign of the bilingual site with the WordPress CMS in order to improve the user experience. We also developed a complete module for the management of user access, creating a login system and display of several levels of information. The navigation menus are updated based on the user’s access rights.

The backend allows for simple management of documents and pages to show as a function of access rights granted.



The design brief approved by La société de Compensation en Assurance Médicaments du Québec and by the Little Big Team consisted of the following points:

Development of a new bilingual website.
Development of private sections of levels 1 and 2 with extended management of user access rights.
Development of the site with the WordPress CMS.
Development of the Responsive version.
Multi-browser platform.



The My Little Big Web technical team realized the website of La société de Compensation en Assurance Médicaments du Québec with the following tools and technologies:

Website developed in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript and PHP5.
Usage of the WordPress CMS with a custom theme.
Usage of Photoshop and PhotoImpact for the graphic design part.
Creation of the theme and custom modules.
Usage of Google fonts.
Optimised for Retina screens (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro Retina).
Compatibility with all current web browsers as well as their previous versions.



Date : 2016
CMS : WordPress
Technologies : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
Website :


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