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Social network management
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Why implement a social networking strategy?

Because almost 3 out of 4 adults use social networks every day

Social networks allow you to increase the reputation of your company. Your customers can get to know you and can become your ambassadors if you encourage them to share your company news. Benefit from this advantage!

To increase your sales

Almost half of Quebec adults take their friends’ recommendations on social networks into account when they shop. Social networks have become an open exchange for knowing the reputation of a company or a product.

To be available to your target audience at any time of the day

Canadians spend more than 1.25 hours per day on social networks. Social networks are increasingly used to learn about new trends and discover new products and services.

To know what your customers think of you

A reputation is hard to build but very easy to destroy. It is therefore essential to always know what people think of your company to react quickly when needed. Most Internet users who contact a company on social networks expect it to respond within one hour.


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LITTLE BIG Social network management SERVICES

Custom-made just for you!

My Little Big Web does not automatically advise its customers to register on all social networks. Instead, our goal is to ensure that our customers reach their target market with the right tools. Thus, we establish customized community management strategies for every client, according to their platforms.

If your goal is to get more “Likes” on Facebook, or to have more subscribers on Twitter, know that community management will be tackled differently in both cases.

Community management

Defining your goals is an essential step before implementing an effective community management strategy. What message do you want to convey on Facebook? Why did you create a Facebook page? Being on Facebook for no particular reason has no relevance. In order for a community manager to be successful, they must understand the goals of your business.

Defining your target market

Depending on whether you have an interior design shop or a web agency, your target market will obviously not be the same. This is why defining your target market is essential in order to know which social networks your customer base is located on. Indeed, we will advise an interior design store to be especially present on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, whereas a web agency has no real interest in being on Pinterest for example.

Defining a content strategy

The goal of community management is not simply to start without thinking and publish any random images on Facebook without a specific goal. Defining a content strategy makes it possible to organize and ensure that particular topics will be addressed on social networks. Indeed, the community manager must cover popular topics of the moment while respecting the editorial line of the company, in order to encourage Internet users to interact on the social networks.

Publication planning

Establishing an editorial calendar is important in order to define the number of times content will be published on social networks. Planning publications in advance is one way to ensure that the community manager does not forget to mention an important event for the company. The editorial calendar could include publications several weeks before important events such as Christmas and national holidays.

Daily community management

Here at My Little Big Web, we don’t stop at the mere publication of content on social networks. After publication, it is important to move on to the day-to-day management of communities. Interacting with people on Facebook, or on any other platform, demonstrates professionalism that will reflect a positive image of your business. My Little Big Web will ensure that your social networks are managed on a daily basis.



There are many Web Marketing agencies in Montreal. To support the online communication of the French Chamber of Commerce in Quebec City, I needed both a reliable partner but also able to train my team to obtain a perfect synergy of the pole “Internet Marketing and Communication”

So I chose to work with My Little Big Web because they perfectly advice me on the strategy to implement and they also explain to me the key concepts of web marketing. I particularly appreciate their approach a “clear vision of Web Marketing”. Not being an expert in this field, I need to quickly understand the different actions implemented and their impact on results.

I recommend their services to all companies seeking a reliable and efficient partner!

Maryse Grob, President of the French Chamber of Commerce, Quebec Department

I had been reading some MY LITTLE BIG WEB articles that I enjoyed a lot, therefore I decided to contact the agency.

In Switzerland, I had not found the answer to my questions, but thanks to My Little Big Web, I was quickly supported by a dynamic, efficient, friendly and very attentive staff.

My website was in need of SEO, new content, refreshment, of a marketing strategy … all this in a short time and for the right price.

A big THANK YOU to your agency for guiding me and for targeting my needs in a quick and professional manner.

I also raised an important point about you, which is your greeting! It is very good!

Thank you for your work My Little Very BIG Web!

Valentina Schick, Founder of

As an entrepreneur who realizes its first project, it is important to get good advice. I do not think it is easy to build a custom website for a client who has a vague image in mind, and Little Big Team has been able to shape my ideas and offer me solutions both Site functionalities level and at the level Design.

The result of my collaboration with My Little big Web is a fluid site providing an optimal user experience for online booking site, simple but effective.

For those who doubt, Willo is very competent and responsive despite the a priori we can have on the canine species.

Kevin Crozet , Founder of Navette Ski Montréal

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