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My Little Big Web is a Montreal-based digital marketing agency that offers web design (showcase websites, e-commerce), web marketing (Google AdWords), social media management and SEO services.

Increase Your Online Sales with Digital Marketing

Our web agency helps little and BIG businesses boost their online visibility with tailored digital marketing services that fit their budget. We understand that every expense matters, which is why we work to maximize your return on investment for every Internet marketing task you entrust us with.

Web marketing

My Little Big Web has managed over 1,500 web marketing campaigns ranging from the smallest budgets ($500) to budgets of over $300,000 a month. Our partnership with Google gives us certain benefits that we extend to our clients. As with all the digital marketing services we offer, our approach is geared towards custom-made solutions, i.e. we design your Web Marketing strategy based on your goals, your deadlines and your budget.

As a digital agency, we also manage our own web marketing campaigns. We know that every dollar spent counts and must produce a good return on investment. We manage our clients’ digital marketing campaigns the same way we manage our own. We also provide all our clients with performance reports showing the amount spent, the results obtained and the return on investment generated for each action.


My Little Big Web is comprised of Google-certified Montreal-based SEO specialists and our digital agency is also Google Partner-certified. Our SEO methods are neither secret nor revolutionary (read our blog to get a good idea about what we do and how we do it). At My Little Big Web, we understand the difference between Google-recommended best practices and bad practices referred to as “black hat” methods. Our web agency’s two founding members helped launch the Microsoft search engine ( in 2010, so search engine algorithms and indexing criteria are no mystery to us.

If you choose our digital marketing agency to boost your business search rankings, we guarantee concrete results and Google-approved practices. You will never run the risk of incurring Google’s wrath when their algorithm is updated. Our methods will always be explained so that you can (if you wish) contribute to the improvement of your SEO strategy.

Social media management

If you visit our Facebook page, you will notice that we are very active on social media. After all, depending on the nature of your business, having a presence on social media is important since social networks can drive significant traffic to the websites of companies that advertise effectively on the different platforms.

Good social network visibility also indirectly influences your SEO as Google increasingly takes the social signals sent out by your website into account. As a direct source of traffic, social media improves your brand visibility with your target audience and also helps you reach more potential clients by communicating with people who are similar to those already interested in your products or services.

Web design

Our digital agency is a team of talented Montreal-based programmers, developers and web designers that strives to offer high-performance web design with peerless user experience, security, speed and design. With the elements you provide us (project examples you like, examples you don’t, specific requirements etc.), our programmers will turn your ideas into pixels to deliver a unique result that is tailored to your brand image.

Our web agency’s programming team can also develop your project using content management platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop, etc.), as well as HTML5/CSS3/PHP. Our method is simple: we design your website from existing plugins and platforms (to decrease production costs and therefore the final cost for you) and we create/customize the plugins to correspond to what you are looking for.

At the My Little Big Web digital agency, we guarantee you the best value for your money.


No subcontracting

All the services offered by My Little Big Web are provided from our Montreal office: no freelancers. This helps us reduce production costs and allows you to communicate directly with the experts who carry out your project. From web design to SEO for Google and web marketing strategies, our team is at your disposal for a call or a meeting, as often as you wish.


No sales reps

As a web marketing agency, our mission is to help you find customers online. We don’t need salespeople to find our own customers because we use the same recipe for our customers as we do for ourselves. At My Little Big Web, one of the founders will contact you directly and will be happy to answer your questions.


A dedicated project manager

Every project is carefully organized so that you know how far along we are in real time. Throughout your project, you retain the same contact person who will be in charge of connecting you with the production teams. However, if you wish to speak directly to the experts or one of our managers, their direct line will be communicated to you.


A personalized service

Since each customer is different, we do not offer pre-made “packages” because we would risk offering you things that are sometimes useless and/or incomplete in relation to your real needs. During our first contact (by phone, email or in person), we will review your needs, answer your questions and make you a tailored offer with no tricks or hidden costs.


Proven expertise

We helped launch when we worked at Microsoft, we are Google certified and we have managed more than 800 SEO and SEM campaigns so we know what we are doing.

We follow a simple principle: you explain your needs and goals to us and we do the rest.


A full-service solution

We designed our web services based on our customers’ primary needs: a high-performance website (that they can update themselves), a good Google ranking, qualified traffic, etc. Since web marketing often requires content writing, we have assembled a team of digital content writers to assist you in this sometimes complex task.

Web and mobile development
Online advertising campaigns
SEO strategies online
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Don’t hesitate to contact us, come see us at our Montreal office or download our brochure to get more information about the way we can assist you.

Your web project begins with an idea …
We’ll bring the idea to life by combining technology with know-how !


Frequently asked questions about our web agency

Why is your web agency called my little big web?

The name of our web agency has been a long debate both inside and outside the agency. Why choose an English name in Quebec? What does My Little Big Web mean? Translating My Little Big Web as “mon petit gros web” or “ma petite grosse toile”, we can agree that it doesn’t have a very sales/marketing ring to it. We decided to call our digital agency My Little Big Web for many reasons. The first is to explain whether you are little or BIG, we will provide you with the same service. Also, the goal of a web agency is to bring the web within your reach to help you grow. With these points in mind, the name My Little Big Web came to us and our agency was born.

Can/should i come to the agency to meet you?

You are not required to come to the agency to talk to us about your project but you are most welcome if you wish to come. We are a digital agency that puts people first. We are a team of web experts with ideas, experience and know-how that is unique to us. When you choose a web agency, you don’t just choose a price. Most of our clients tell us that they are looking for expertise and human qualities in their digital agency above all. The fact that we clearly display our human values on our website shows people our “accessible” side. You are free to come to the agency if you wish.

What makes you different from other web agencies?

We don’t have an eye on all the web agencies in Montreal and we can’t say which is the best web agency in town. On the other hand, we can say that our digital agency stands out from the crowd because of its humility, accessibility and the excellent value for the price of our services. We also chose not to outsource anything (web design, SEO, content writing, translation, Google Ads campaign management, social networks etc.). Our web agency is therefore 100% local. We are also one of the few web agencies that do not have sales representatives, considering our size (more than 20 full-time employees). If you call the number provided on our website, you will speak directly to the founder, Maxence, who will be happy to answer your questions.

What is your agency’s speciality?

At the time of its creation, My Little Big Web was a digital agency that specialized in web marketing only (SEO, online advertising and social media management). We started making websites in 2015 because our clients didn’t want to do business with multiple web agencies at the same time and wanted to make sure that SEO and web marketing rules in general were respected when designing their website. We therefore decided to create our first websites. Over the years, we have gone from 1-2 websites per month to about ten websites created per month, which has made us a full-service web agency. If you look at our portfolio, our reviews on Google and our team page, you will find that we have real web expertise and that none of the services we offer on our site are ranked second.

Does your agency accept small web projects?

What is a small project? For some web agencies, a small project is a $10,000 project while other agencies may consider this a big project. The easiest way to answer this question is to define what we mean by “small project”. We are a web agency that specializes in web marketing and website design. These services depend on sub-services including content translation, writing and logo or banner creation. If you ask us to translate a page for your site or just make you a logo, we will not be able to take on the project because in our opinion, you will be better served with a freelancer than an agency. If, on the other hand, you entrust us with content writing (for example) for a total of 5, 10, 15 pages, then yes our team can meet your needs.

Do you work with third-party partners?

No. Our web agency is 100% in-house and does not use any external subcontractors (freelancers, other web agency partners etc.). We want to keep control of each project we carry out and we want to give our clients the opportunity to come to the agency and meet the specialists who work on each project. We hold “micro meetings” in order not to overburden the teams internally so our business model is not compatible with subcontracting. Clients who contact us are often looking for an agency that internalizes its services to ensure the highest quality.

Why don’t you show your prices?

We know that some digital agencies advertise their prices on their websites and we often wonder whether or not we should do the same. When we analyze the prices posted by other web agencies, we always wonder how they manage to offer their “packages” without knowing the needs of their clients. They probably have their own method and we don’t make any judgments about this practice, it’s just that it doesn’t fit our business model because our web agency only does custom-made work based on each client.

Indeed, since our offer is very broad (website creation, SEO, online advertising, content writing, translation, website maintenance, etc.) there are more than a hundred possible combinations available to offer you the service that suits you best. The easiest thing to do is contact us so that Maxence, our founder, can quote you an appropriate price. For those who still want to know our “minimum” prices, we cover this point in the FAQs of each service page.

Why doesn’t your web agency have any salespeople?

The fact that our digital agency is not interested in having any salespeople comes from a crazy bet. We start from the principle that if our job is to bring customers to our clients, we shouldn’t need salespeople to find customers for us! We don’t make any judgments about web agencies that recruit salespeople to promote their services, but this doesn’t fit into our values and way of doing business.

When there were less than ten of us, we thought we would probably need some support when the team grew. Today there are more than twenty of us and Maxence, our founder, is always available to respond to each new request (as shown by our many customer testimonials). It is thanks to you that My Little Big Web was born and is growing. Maxence wants to personally handle each new request to show that each customer, whether little or BIG, is important to us.