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My Little Big Web is the digital agency for web marketing, SEO, PPC and web design serving Quebec businesses since 2013.

A performance-driven web agency in Montreal

Our Montreal web agency has over a decade of experience in digital marketing helping small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec and Canada thrive online. We offer a comprehensive suite of services including traffic growth, lead generation, online sales, branding and web design. Our team of experts is passionately devoted to propelling your company to new heights in the digital world.

Our marketing company is one of the best web agencies in Montreal, celebrated for our human approach and proven track record of success. With a dedicated team of 30 marketing experts, we work tirelessly to deliver world-class digital services that are customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Drive your digital success with our best-in-class web services

With My Little Big Web, get help from digital experts trained to lead your digital projects to success. Our Montreal web marketing agency provides performance-driven services to meet your digital objectives, including website design, PPC and search engine optimization.

Our team of marketing experts can fully define and execute your digital strategy by integrating all web marketing services into one comprehensive solution.


Our Montreal SEO agency guarantees the visibility of your website on organic search results by implementing a strategic approach that focuses on attracting and converting potential customers.

My Little Big Web is a leading web agency in Montreal, known for our Google-certified SEO optimizations.

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Our PPC agency in Montreal will assess your company’s advertising potential and create performance-based strategies for lead generation.

Our AI tools empower us to deliver fast, repeatable results to help you gain a competitive edge in your market.

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Social Media Management

Our Montreal social media marketing agency implements strategies to increase your company’s visibility on social platforms and develop growth opportunities for your business.

Our social media experts also help employers develop their brand to attract and recruit new talent.

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Web Design

Our Montreal web design agency develops WordPress websites that prioritize web marketing performance. Our websites are designed to be easily accessible and provide your company with a strong brand image.

Our web designers are skilled in creating lead generation websites and online stores to help showcase your services and sell your products.

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Get proven results with Montreal’s top-rated digital agency

Why choose our Montreal web agency?

Finding the right web agency can be an overwhelming experience for project stakeholders. At My Little Big Web, we’ve put together a skilled team to help you better understand digital marketing and let you focus on what really matters: your core business!

A reliable, transparent web agency

Ever since launching our web agency back in 2013, our main focus has always been on delivering exceptional services. We take pride in handling everything in-house and being completely transparent with our clients. That’s probably why we’re ranked among the best digital agencies on Google! Get in touch with our team and see it for yourself!


Our web agency is all about growing your online revenues. No matter what you need, we’ve got the cutting-edge strategies to meet your goals! Our experts are always learning and staying up-to-date with certifications to ensure long-term success.

An agency that adapts to you

Our Montreal Web agency crafts service proposals aligned with your business goals, budget, and preferred engagement model (monthly packages, banks of hours, coaching, etc.). We love collaborating and giving you recommendations that support your company’s growth. Our aim is to provide you with a bespoke service that is perfectly attuned to your objectives.

A client-first agency

Our commitment to collaboration is at the heart of our client relationships. That’s why we assign a dedicated project manager to each project who communicates directly with our team of experts. This close collaboration is key to successfully delivering results on all the digital projects we’re entrusted with!

Our latest projects and case studies

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Groupe EMD Batimo – Eleva

Successful Immigration, Secured Future.

Nadia Barrou Avocate

Humanify360: Redefining the Future of Recruitment


Innovate in Financing, Excel in Business

Soluco Financial Group

Experience Modern Elegance in the Heart of Nature


Defining Excellence in Montreal Real Estate.

Florian Ledru

Our clients say it best

I was looking for a company that I could trust and that I could really connect with. An agency that responds quickly to its customers, that is close to its clients, and that takes the project to heart. With My Little Big Web, I’ve really found that rare gem. The return on investment is really there. I never hesitate to recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity. You’re reliable, efficient and competitively priced. We get our money’s worth.

Eric Giroux

CEO, DiscoTech

I find the team really learned to work with me, and adapted to what I do and don’t know. Honestly, you’re the first agency to deliver on time!  To date I’m really very satisfied, and even internally there’s never been any question of saying: “Oh well, we can ask another agency so we can compare prices“. No, no, you don’t understand. I’ve got my team and my way of working!

Laurie Albert

Digital Marketing Manager, EMD Batimo

Despite the fact that my company is small, I really feel that I’m being treated like an important customer. I feel like I’m part of a family (as if you were my cousins). It’s easy to make contact. I really feel that the team takes my project to heart and is in “solution mode”, trying to make things simple for me, despite my lack of technical knowledge. I really appreciate the team’s respect and patience

Audrey Lavoie

Founder, Commeunique

Frequently asked questions

What makes us different from all those other web agencies in Quebec?

We don’t have the scoop on all the web agencies in Montreal or Quebec, so we can’t pick the top dog. But what we can tell you is that our web agency is pretty rad. We’re all about being down-to-earth, easy to reach and budget-friendly. Plus, our team is top-notch. So yeah, we’re kind of a big deal.

We’ve got you covered with all the services you need to boost your performance. We handle everything in-house, from web design to SEO audits, Google Ads management, Facebook Ads management, LinkedIn Ads management and more. No outsourcing here, we get everything done under one roof.

What’s your web agency’s specialty?

Before 2015, My Little Big Web only did SEO and Google Ads. But now, we’ve got a bunch of web marketing experts and web developers to help you with all your digital stuff. So whether you need a custom WordPress site or just some general support, we’ve got your back.

Looking for full 360-degree support to boost your company’s digital growth? Reach out to us today and let’s chat. No pressure, just solutions.

Why doesn’t your web agency show its prices?

We have some prices to share, but let’s not jump the gun just yet. The final price really depends on a bunch of different things, so we’ll need to chat with you first. We have a whole bunch of web marketing services to offer, like web design, copywriting and website maintenance. With over a hundred different combinations, we can put together the perfect package that fits your company’s one-of-a-kind goals.

Does your agency work with third-party partners in Montreal or Canada?

Our web agency handles all production in-house without relying on external subcontractors like freelancers or other web agencies. This allows us to maintain full control over every project we take on. Additionally, we invite our customers to drop by the agency and meet our team of digital specialists working on their project. So, feel free to swing by and chat with us!

Our human-oriented approach to work involves practicing “micro-meetings” to prevent overwhelming our in-house teams. As a result, outsourcing is not compatible with our business model.

Does your web agency take on small projects?

What’s a small project? Well, different web agencies have different definitions. Some might say a small project is worth $10,000, while others might consider it a big project. It all depends on who you ask. So, it’s kind of a subjective thing.

In our agency, we understand that all big companies were once small SMEs. That’s why we believe that every business deserves to be supported by a team of web specialists, whether they’re little or BIG. Get in touch with us to find out if we can offer you tailored assistance for your needs.

Why no salesperson at your web agency?

Our digital agency’s decision to not have salespeople comes from a crazy bet. If we can bring clients to our own clients through the internet, why would we need salespeople to find them for the agency?

We don’t judge web agencies that hire salespeople to promote their services, but it doesn’t align with our values and how we operate. When you call us or fill out our contact form, you’ll be connected with Max, one of the two founders of My Little Big Web, or one of the department managers who will be responsible for your project. Rest assured that we won’t make promises we can’t keep.

Interested in our services, but prefer to speak to a human?

We’re on the same page! Just give us a call or fill out our online form.

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