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3 steps to generate quality traffic using social networks

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You cannot simply stop at creating a strategy on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business; it is still necessary to know how to generate quality and qualified traffic! But how exactly can you generate traffic through these social networks? At My Little Big Web, we show you how to get there in three steps.

Step 1: Define the basis of your social media strategy

  1. Social network marketing goals

The first thing you must ask yourself is: “What are my social networks marketing goals?”

Are you using social networks to sell a product, to recruit employees, or to raise awareness to your cause? This last objective is often used by NGOs seeking donations and volunteers; and in this case, Facebook and LinkedIn may be excellent platforms.

  1. Target marketing

The second thing is to think about is: what market are you targeting? The choice of social network platforms may depend on the budget you allocate to your social media communication. Depending on your financial resources, it may be wise to focus on two social networks instead of attempting to be everywhere at once. To be continuously visible, you must constantly publish on social networks. To reach the 1,000 fans, you therefore need a big budget!

It is important to note that you will find a younger audience on Snapchat and Instagram while Linkedin and Vladeo are used mostly by professionals.

  1. The expectations of your target content

Finally, you need to ask yourself what are the expectations of your target audience regarding your content. From expert content (the sale of beauty products, for example) to emotional content (entertainment with funny commercials on the Internet), we must analyze what the public expects you target. To learn how to have quality content, please read this article.

Step 2: Activate the different levels of traffic generation

In the second step, you need to activate the necessary levers to generate traffic.

Level 1: Share content produced for your community

How can you cultivate a community on social networks? There are two main solutions: first use online advertising, and second be extremely active online. For example, if you use Twitter, use as many relevant hashtags as possible. The more you have a suitable and qualified community, more users will click on your page or your blog.

Level 2: implementation of advertising campaigns

It is possible to set up advertising campaigns on three networks:

  • Facebook: there’s a lot of information in terms of demographics
  • Twitter: through hashtags, you can sort your data by theme
  • LinkedIn: a very good professional platform

The challenge will be to determine the social networks your interested in, through:

  • Online audience: on LinkedIn for example, Internet users are searching for employment or formation
  • Average price of advertising
  • Sponsorship methods available

Level 3: Inbound marketing

You need to produce content hosted mainly on your company blog; this allows you to interest your target audience. For more information, please read our article about Inbound Marketing.

Level 4: Newsletters

It goes without saying that a newsletter is a key factor in promoting yourself in 2016. More and more your business will grow; and with your growth this weekly email will become increasingly important!

Phase 3: Evaluating the qualification of generated traffic

In this final step, you must analyze the quality of traffic you’ve created.

Method 1: Social qualifiers

It is possible to know the different types of population demographics of your brand by using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms let you know what path Internet users took to arrive on your page, as well as the turnover rate achieved by your customers. Like this, you can determine if you are targeting the right customer demographic.

Method 2: Measuring conversion on your website

With Google Analytics, you can define and measure your goals.


You now have all the different levels of measurement at your disposal to find real online success in generating quality traffic! To sum everything up: define the bases of your social media strategy; activate the four levels of traffic generation; and assess the qualification of your traffic.

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