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5 reasons influencer marketing is a great way to promote your brand

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In January 2018, the French luxury brand Dior took a dozen female YouTubers (influencers on YouTube) to Iceland for a few days for a trip to celebrate the launch of their new lipsticks. A luxury hotel, a helicopter ride… everything was planned to impress the influencers. The result was tens of videos with thousands of views that showcase the brand and its new products: an incredible campaign on YouTube. You might be asking yourself, is it really worth it? Today, influencer marketing is highly sought after by brands, whether luxury or not. In this article, we will explore 5 reasons why influencer marketing does indeed provide bang for your buck.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing technique that uses the influence of online thought leaders to promote a brand. Simply put, brands use individuals who have amassed a large audience on social networks to promote their products or services online. These individuals are also known as digital influencers. There are several influencer marketing practices that brands can use. Brand-influencer collaborations can range from a simple brand identification on an influencer’s post to a full video dedicated to their products. Each collaboration depends on the brand’s budget because, in most cases, influencers don’t work for free. It also depends on the number of subscribers the influencer has. In general, the more subscribers there are, the more substantial the collaboration offered by the brand will be.

5 reasons to use influencers to promote your brand

1.     More engagement and trust = more conversions

Influencers often share and reveal a large part of their lives on their social networks. Their audience therefore naturally feels close to them and trusts them more readily than a faceless brand. Certain brands do have a face when they hire music or film industry celebs for their campaigns. However, these celebs are inaccessible and live in a world far removed from that of their audience. This is one of the strengths of influencers: they are authentic people who are “like everyone else” and who simply share their lifestyle, especially their consumption habits, online. What are the benefits for your brand? This proximity and trust guarantees engagement! Influencers’ subscribers are happy to like, comment and share their opinions, which is an important way to make your brand known. In addition, the established trust will considerably influence the Internet user’s purchasing decision. Indeed, Internet users identify themselves with the influencers they follow, which leads them to want to consume the same things/services as them. Internet users trust the recommendations of influencers, and therefore indirectly trust the brands they promote.

2.     Their content is usually very high quality

There are thousands of influencers online across all social networks. The most successful ones are usually those who offer quality content to their audience. Whether using photos, videos, podcasts or articles, influencers do everything they can (it is their job after all) to produce quality content that will reach and interest their audience. Some of them might use professional photographers. As such, the cost of working with an influencer also usually comes with the benefit of the work of a professional and the high-quality content that entails. Quite often you don’t simply get a picture of the promoted product/service but rather a sharing of the experience your product offers. For example, for a YouTube video, this can be a detailed video about what the influencer eats, what makeup they use, their favorite fashion brands, favorite travel destinations… Not only do influencers talk about your brand but they show how they use your product/service. Thanks to influencer marketing, you will have authentic, credible and aesthetic content that inspires trust. What more could you ask for? Take care to choose your influencers wisely because not all of them have the same image or the same quality of work. It is up to you to judge if their work suits your brand.

3.     Influencers know their audience better than anyone else

When you collaborate with online influencers, it is important to have your goals in mind when defining the conditions. Your objectives should guide your choice of influencer, types of posts etc. However, another advantage of online influencers is that they know their audience better than anyone else. They can help you decide which content would be best suited to improve your chances of engagement and conversion. You should be ready to listen to them and understand their point of view without neglecting your goals. The simple fact of interacting with the influencer by showing an interest in their expertise will allow you to build a solid and lasting relationship. A significant aspect for possible future collaboration.

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4.     Online ad blockers won’t be a problem anymore!

IAB Canada has released the results of their study on the use of ad blockers in Canada: about 18% of Canadians who surf the Internet use an ad blocker. Experts in the study believe that this figure will continue to increase in the coming years. Bad news for web marketers. One of the solutions? You guessed it, influencer marketing! With this method, there is no need to worry about ad blockers since it involves “native advertising”. Indeed, mentioning your product doesn’t interrupt the user experience, it is an integral part of the content they consume. As a result, your product placement in the influencer’s post will not be considered an advertisement as such. In short, this solution makes the user experience more pleasant and the promotion of your brand more effective.

5.     Influencer marketing is more profitable in terms of results.

Compared to traditional TV, radio or print advertising, influencer marketing is much more profitable for companies. According to a study conducted by Tomoson, the companies surveyed generate an average of $6.50 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing. This study also reveals that the marketers surveyed rank influencer marketing as the most cost-effective and efficient customer acquisition technique.

(The most cost-effective online customer acquisition methods)

In addition, influencer marketing makes it possible to better target your audience and this increases the chances of conversions because your brand will target the most relevant Internet users. All this explains why 59% of companies plan to increase their budget for influencer marketing in the following year.


And there you have it, influencer marketing explained. If you want to know if this type of initiative should be part of your web marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions .


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