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Advertise for free with Google Ad Grants

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Advertising on the Internet is one of the most profitable investments for businesses (if your strategy is well established, of course). Indeed, as the budgets invested are often much lower than the return on investment, more and more companies (whatever their size) are now seeking to take advantage of this support to acquire new customers. But what about non-profit organizations that also want to make themselves known on the Internet and attract visitors? To address this issue, Google offers a special program, Google Ad Grants, which offers these organizations money to invest on the Google Adwords advertising platform.

Google Ad Grants program overview

The Google Ad Grants program is very much the same as the traditional Google Adwords program, which means that ads are shown on Google’s search results pages; advertisers can also run their own campaigns. On the other hand, certain conditions are imposed in terms of ad management and budget for Google Ad Grants:

  • The daily budget is set at a maximum of 329 US dollars, or 10,000 dollars a month (don’t worry, Google picks up the check).
  • Cost per click (CPC) must not exceed $2 for the purchase of keywords.
  • Only the keyword-based search platform can be used.
  • Only text ads can be bought.

Advertisements must clearly explain the purpose of the defended case. Here is an example of scenarios accepted by Google and an example of scenarios not accepted:


  • Advertisement: Help Sick Children
  • Buy our products and make a difference!
  • Keywords: help sick children, helping sick children, non-profit store

Not accepted:

  • Advertisement: Buy online
  • Music, movies, books, etc.
  • Save money!
  • Keywords: buy online, buy music, clothes, online shopping

Conditions of admission to Google Ad Grants

To be eligible for Google Ad Grants, your organization must:

  • Be registered as a charity under the statutes set up in your country.
  • Accept the conditions necessary for registration, regarding non-discrimination, reception and use of donations.
  • Possess a functional website with enough content.
  • Not belong to the following categories: government agencies, hospitals and medical groups, universities, schools, daycares, academic sectors.

If your Google Ad Grants application has been approved, you must adhere to the following conditions if you wish to retain your status:

  • Your ads must return to a single landing page and the landing page must return to the approved non-profit organization’s website when you register.
  • You must log in to your account at least once a month.
  • Your ads and keywords should reflect your organization’s mission.
  • If you sell products or services, all of your sales must be used to support the actions of your organization.
  • Your landing page should not consist only of links that link to other websites.
  • You can not take advantage of the traffic generated by your ads to display advertising on your website such as Google AdSense.

How can we help you take advantage of Google Ad Grants?

As you can see from these eligibility requirements, Google does not easily provide budget support to organizations that request it. In addition, even if Google accepts your application, you will then have to respect the other restrictions and manage your account according to the agreement you have previously accepted.

While this program can be a tremendous opportunity for non-profit organizations, it can also be a huge waste of time if you have not properly prepared your application or if you do not manage your account properly.

Our team of experts can help you submit your application by ensuring that you meet the criteria required by Google but also by managing the budget for you. Please be aware that the restrictions imposed by this program are primarily aimed at not competing with organizations that pay for advertising on Google. On the other hand, these criteria make it more difficult to manage your campaigns because your field of freedom is much more limited than that of the organizations that do not benefit from this program.

As experts in search engine advertising, we can create and manage these campaigns for you so that you get the best possible results. In addition, we can analyze all of your traffic (not just your Google Ad Grants campaigns) and make recommendations on how to improve your visitor/donation experience.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know your activity and your objective. If your organization is eligible for the program, we will also offer preferential rates and customized support.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 514 572 7758 if you wish to speak with an advisor who will answer all your questions.


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