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Advertising on social networks continues to grow since companies are beginning to understand the impact this type of marketing can have on their brand image. Indeed, these networks have proven to be an important source of traffic for advertisers who are familiar with their operations as well as the good practices to be put in place. We will see in this article the different things to validate in order to increase your chance at getting a good return on investment.

LinkedIn: is it for you?

Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn should not be compared to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing when talking about marketing strategies. While everyone can advertise on Google, social networks play a specific role and not all sectors of activity are necessarily relevant to this type of platform. For example, a tattoo parlour or restaurant will be more successful than an insurance company simply because they have a “social” side that an insurance company lacks.

As far as LinkedIn is concerned, it’s an altogether different story because although it is a social network, it is focused on the “professional” side of social life and therefore audiences does not behave in the same way as on other social networks like Facebook for example. To go back to the example of the tattoo parlour, the restaurant and the insurance company, this time the insurance company will surely be more successful than the other two sectors because the information available on LinkedIn is more suitable for such a company.

In any case, you can start creating your ad on LinkedIn by providing all targeting criteria and then using tools that will tell you how many users you can potentially reach:

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What is your objective?

Now that you’ve evaluated the relevance of launching an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, you need to set your goals. The three main objectives of companies that communicate on LinkedIn are either to sponsor one of the messages they have previously published on their LinkedIn page, to generate traffic to their site by guiding visitors to a specific page or to increase their reputation.

Defining your objective is an important step because it will not only influence the budget you set up, but also the type of message you promote.

What is your target audience?

LinkedIn is a very efficient B-to-B platform because it stores valuable information about companies and registered members. For example, you can choose to target employees or companies in a particular industry, employees with a specific job function (managers, marketing managers, human resource managers, etc.) as well as by age.

Be careful not to reduce the scope of your targeted field too much because you risk losing visibility. Keep in mind that even if the LinkedIn Ads interface tells you that your targeting criteria will allow you to reach around 300,000 people, this is only an approximation and that does not mean that everyone will pay attention to your ads.

Where to start?

You are not alone in publishing ads on LinkedIn and on the Internet in general. Internet users are constantly exposed to commercial messages, to the point that they are not really paying attention to them anymore. In addition, unlike Facebook, people often look for accurate information when they log on to LinkedIn and are therefore focused on finding their content quickly.

Your message needs to be tailored to their research and attract their attention (just like in any ad strategy really). For this, you absolutely must use an eye-catching visual. For example, if your goal is to publicize your website, try and use one of the visuals of your site as well as a call to action statement that will arouse their curiosity. Why is your site interesting and why is it worth dropping everything to check it out? Would you click on your ad if you were in your audience’s shoes? By answering these questions objectively, you will find an original and effective approach to attract the attention of your target audience. You can also contact us to help you build your message and analyze your ad results.

What’s your budget?

Once your goal is clearly defined and you are motivated to launch an ad campaign, you need to define the budget you are willing to pay to get your desired results. To do this, you absolutely need to calculate the return on investment that you expect from this campaign. For example, if you decide to set up an advertising campaign to promote a new product, you need to calculate the amount you are willing to pay to get a potential customer to visit your website.

Web analytics is therefore crucial as it is through analyzing the behaviour of your visitors and your empirical data that you can establish sales forecasts and therefore define your “cost of acquiring a new customer.” Do not forget to always measure the profitability of your marketing actions. It’s easier to specify your budget when the return on investment is guaranteed.

How do you measure your results?

As explained in the previous paragraph, it is very important to analyze your website traffic so as to understand how your visitors interact with your content. You will get an overview of each of your traffic sources (advertisements, social networks, SEO, direct traffic, external links etc.) and the nature of these visitors. This is how you will know if your LinkedIn advertising campaign is profitable or not.

However, it is important to optimize your ad before concluding that the platform is not suitable. Indeed, you have already judged its relevance before launching your campaign but it is possible that your message is not yet quite clear for your target. It is fairly rare in the field of web marketing to publish a perfect message from the first try because it is difficult to predict the reaction of the audience vis-à-vis your content.

Therefore, only a detailed analysis (or an incredibly developed flair) will allow you to understand your audience, their expectations and adjust your message accordingly. You can see how important it is to correctly set up your analytical tools before launching your campaign.

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