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Agence SEO Montreal – the keyword that most agencies want to rank on!

Last update : 23 November 2020

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Why create a page dedicated to SEO agency in Montreal?

« SEO Agency Montréal » or « Agency Montreal SEO » are very competitive terms because many SEO agencies want to appear on the first page of Google when users (and therefore potential customers) write such queries. The best way to rank on the first positions in the Google results is to create content relevant to the query “seo agency Montreal”, “Montreal SEO agency”, “seo expert Montreal” etc. This is also why we have created an article entitled “Montreal SEO: My Little Big Web, the agency that grows up“.

When a user writes “seo agency Montreal” or “seo expert Montreal”, Google will scan all web pages and display those it considers most relevant. Although seo agencies are familiar with these criteria and adapt their strategy accordingly, sometimes we obtain results less relevant than others with a better ranking. We must not forget that Google is a robot and ranks pages according to its own criteria. So a game of cat and mouse was introduced between Google and seo agencies because all seo experts seek to understand the classification criteria to get a better ranking.

Therefore, whether you are a seo agency in Montreal or a restaurant in Paris, you will create content related to the search term that you want to appear. This does not guarantee you provided to appear on the first page because there are over 200 seo criteria that influence your ranking in the search results. This is why you’ve probably written “seo agency” or “agency seo Montreal” because you’re just looking for a seo expert or seo tips to improve your ranking. So you’re in the right place! You can either browse our various articles related to SEO (including one of our most popular items “how to improve your PageRank” or click on be my SEO agency to contact us!

My Little Big Web is more than a SEO agency in Montreal

Yes we are a seo agency in Montreal but this is only a branch of our activities. Indeed, we are web marketing experts that assist companies in both their SEO, Online advertising but also for their web design needs, improving the user experience and the development of specific applications to enrich their website .

The purpose behind these services is to provide a 360 degree solution to fill all web needs of small and medium enterprises.

Refocusing us on our SEO services

If you are still reading this article is that you have not clicked on the many links above or you’re really curious to read more! We will you detail our various SEO services for you to understand concretely what we can do for you.

agence-seo-montreal-2The audit SEO and user experience

This the first step to put in place if you already have a website but your SEO is not good enough. We will analyze your entire site to discover all the factors that can block your SEO and explain how to improve each point. You can then decide to implement the recommendations yourself or let us do it for you.

The keyword research

If you want to enhance your ranking it’s to better to appear for certain keywords (as for “seo agency Montreal”). So we will search for all keywords on which it is interesting for you to appear. You can also give us some keywords to help us and we will check if these keywords are actually enrolled by Internet users.

Creating optimized content SEO

SEO is based on the content. In fact, Google does not rank a website or a page, but the content they contain. It is therefore important to implement a strategy of effective content to please Google and enable it to understand the key themes of your site for the different services you offer.

Broadcast your content

Once the content is created, we must broadcast it on a number of platforms to display it to a maximum internet users and to let Google understand that your information is enough interesting to rank it on the first page. So we can take in charge this task and increase the awareness of your website.

Analyzing your SEO competitors

If you want a better ranking on Google is that you want to pass your competitors who currently occupy a better position than yours. So we will adapt our strategy according to your competitors and how they optimize their SEO. We can make you pass most of your competitors but you will  may just be patient if some of them have already set up an effective SEO strategy.

767 words later, we invite you to continue this discussion by contacting us directly and we can offer you a personalized strategy to help you to achieve your goals. See you in a bit !

You still have questions? We will be happy to answer them! Do not hesitate to contact us by filling out a form or call us at 514 572 7758 and ask Maxence who can guide you in your choices.


Co-founder and SEO-SEM Specialist

Eugénie began her web marketing career at Microsoft with partners that included Hewlett-Packard and Dell. In 2013, she co-founded My Little Big Web with Maxence to help SMBs optimize their web marketing. Her SEO, online advertising and user experience skills help My Little Big Web's clients quickly and lastingly rank at the top of search results. Since she is committed to sharing knowledge, she teaches many internal and external workshops and gives talks on various topics related to digital marketing.

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