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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a well-known advertising platform for businesses as it enables you to list your advertisements on the front page of Google overnight. Even if it may seems “easier”

Why advertise on Google AdWords?

Whether you are a florist or a real estate broker who’s just opened shop, it’s essential to advertise your business. One way to get known is obviously to use the

Our tips to create an effective mobile ad

In general, the rules applicable to computers advertisements also apply to mobile ads. However, they must comply with specific rules for links and specific instructions regarding the size of the

What is remarketing and how can I use it?

You may have already noticed how some websites have the unfortunate tendency of reappearing before your eyes after you’ve just visited them. They seem to be everywhere, in the advertising

Internet advertising: Our mobile experience

While the current trend is to block Internet advertisements, it is interesting to analyze how some sites defend their use of Internet ads by explaining that advertising makes it possible

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