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The 10 best free stock photo sites

Striking, high-resolution images will capture a user’s attention. Whether you are developing a website, creating a brochure, producing a digital ad, illustrating a blog article, or have any other inspiring

5 mistakes to avoid in website design

For an entrepreneur seeking to promote his products, having a unique and convincing website is no longer an option. It is an effective way to attract new customers. Many small

SME website creation in 5 steps

Website design is a fundamental step for any business. As an SME leader, this process requires some involvement. Whether you choose to go through a freelancer, an agency, or do

5 new trends taking web design by storm

Website designers need to keep up with the latest trends in web page design as well as anticipate trends that will take over in the coming months. As an Internet

How to successfully launch an online store

Today, the web has become a fully-fledged marketplace. According to a study conducted by eMarketer, e-commerce accounted for nearly 8.7% of total retail sales in the world in 2016. By

How much does a website cost?

I get asked this question on an almost daily basis and it is quite normal that people outside of the online business sphere might wonder how much a web design project costs.

How to create a website that sells

The web is a jungle of countless competing sites tirelessly contending for customers and market shares. Launching a new website can be a frightening step to take, leading to questions

The Deep Web: Why is My Website Invisible?

Who hasn’t felt the thrill of creating a new website and putting it online, paired with the impatience of wanting to see your new website position itself on the first

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