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10 things to avoid when creating a Google Adwords campaign

23 May 2017 Eugénie Delhaye

Creating a Google AdWords campaign on search networks is recommended for small and medium enterprises wishing to quickly position themselves on the first page of Google.

As a web marketing agency in Montreal, we advise our clients to use the Google AdWords campaign creation tool to maximize the SEO strategy for their website.

Often, companies will decide to launch and build their internal advertising campaign. Several errors are committed this way, and the fact is that people creating these campaigns are not always online advertising specialists.

Therefore, to assist you in creating your next advertisement campaign on Google Adwords, we’ve put together the 10 things to avoid when creating an AdWords campaign on search networks.

1.   Not using an ad schedule when creating a Google Adwords campaign

10-erreurs-adwords-1Google AdWords offers the ability to set a specific ad release schedule when first creating your advertising campaign. Thus, each advertiser can decide what days and hours they want to show their ads.

However, a company may decide not to use this ad-scheduling calendar because they want their ads to be constantly shown.

If you have a high PPC budget you can obviously follow this strategy, but if this is not the case, it is particularly recommended to use the ad scheduler when creating your Google AdWord campaign.

Indeed, with a limited budget, you want to prevent irrelevant clicks to get an excellent return on investment. Knowing that clicks during the night can have a lower conversion rate than clicks during the day, it is best not to show your ads at night.

If you do not know exactly what schedule to choose for your account when creating an AdWords campaign, why not rely on hours of operation, for example?

If your company specializes in construction and that your employees are present from Monday to Saturday from 9:30am to 6:30am, it would be better to show your ads at this time.

This way a person can respond quickly to calls or emails created from the advertising.

2.   Not use the ads extensions when creating a Google Adwords campaign

10-erreurs-adwords-2Google AdWords advertisement extensions are excellent tools to give your ads a greater weight on search engines whether it’s Google, Bing or any other. The number of characters is limited to text ads (100 characters besides the display URL), so it is recommended to use ad extensions so that your ads can provide additional information to users.

There are currently seven different ad extensions on the platform:

  • Sitelink extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • App Extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Structured snippets extensions

Competition can be fierce on Google, so it is essential to attract the interest of Internet users with rich ads and relevant information.

3.   Not setting up location targeting when creating a Google AdWords campaign

Are you a florist who delivers flowers within a radius of 20 km maximum in Montreal?

In this case, it is important that this area is well defined when creating your Google AdWords campaign. Indeed, it’s not as important for Internet users to contact you if they want a delivery from 30 km away. In defining your target location for your AdWords campaign, you will avoid spending your budget on irrelevant clicks.

4.   Avoid mixing languages in your advertisements and key words when creating a Google AdWords campaign

Avoid confusing your potential customers by mixing the languages of your ads and your keywords. For example, if a user searches for a “communication agency” and they’re redirected to an advertisement in French, the person may end up choosing to do business with a company that displays an ad in English because it will be almost certainly redirected to a website in English.

Thus, we recommend creating separate AdWords campaigns based on different target languages. An English campaign should have only keywords and ads in English, and it is the same for a campaign in French. This will also increase your Quality Score and lower cost per click.

5.   Not optimizing your ads for mobile when creating a Google AdWords campaign

According to Google, 41% of Canadians have a specific purpose in mind when they search on their mobile devices.

Therefore, AdWords ads must be optimized for these mobile devices, and you must keep in mind responsive design when creating any Google AdWords campaign.

As the number of users continues to grow on mobile devices, it is essential that each advertiser be present on these mobile devices.

According to a study from Google, 37% of searches on mobile devices lead to a conversion. This figure should therefore encourage everyone to optimize ads for mobile devices.

6.   Not enough ads on Google AdWords

The quality level of chosen keywords depends heavily on ad text. Thus, the main keywords should appear in the ad text to ensure a good level of quality. Creating multiple ads can then improve the level of quality and also allows you to see what the best performing ads are on an account.

For example, if an advertiser notices that the text “Free Quote” increases the CTR of an ad, they should thus promote ads with these terms.

It is always recommended to do A/B testing when creating an AdWords campaign in order to subsequently analyze statistics and determine the most favourable ad in terms of clicks and conversions.

7.   Not choosing a good landing page when creating a Google AdWords campaign

The goal of a company when an internet user clicks on their ad is to have the user eventually demonstrate an interest by completing a form, registering to the newsletter or directly calling the company in question. To encourage any form of contact, the user must be redirected to a good landing page.

If your Google AdWords ad says you sell a large selection of dresses, your landing page should comprise only of dresses on sale and not, for example, pants. Also, if you want to be easily contacted, feel free to create a form with various fields. Internet users are indeed more likely to complete a short form quickly.

The telephone number must also be highlighted on your landing page so that users do not have to search on how they can contact you.

8.   Not taking advantage of the use of different types of matching keyword options when creating a Google AdWords campaign

Keywords trigger ads on the search engine networks. To best control the way that specific terms cause your ads to appear on Google, it is important to use the keyword matching options.

There are currently five types of matching keywords on Google AdWords:

  • Broad match
  • Broad match modifier
  • Phrase match
  • Exact match
  • Negative match

When a keyword is added to an AdWords account, it is usually put under the broad match option automatically. This means that if your broad match keyword is “laptop”, your ad will run a query that says, “used laptop”.

Now, if you only sell new laptops, it is preferable that your ad not be disclosed to these queries.

You can prevent your ads for such a request in several ways:

  • Exclude the term “used”
  • Edit the exact keyword matching option
  • Add the word “new” to your keyword list and change the matching option to exact keyword

The exact match keywords option is perfect if you want your ads to target specific terms such as “cheap new laptop.” While requests including close variations trigger your ads when keywords use exact phrases such as “buy laptop”.

Finally, the broad match modifier is a great way to show your ads for certain terms.

For example, if your keyword is “+ Laptop + nine”, your ads will appear for a search such as “new laptop for sale”.

Before embarking on the creation of a Google AdWords campaign, it is essential to properly understand the keyword matching options so as not to unnecessarily spend your budget.

9.   not creating a remarketing campaign when creating a Google AdWords campaign

While our recommendations concern mostly the search networks, we advise the majority of our customers to create a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network.

Indeed, remarketing allows to show text and image ads to users who have previously visited your website.

The conversion rate is higher for those returning on a website. So do not hesitate to increase your chances of being contacted by using remarketing techniques.

10. Not installing conversion codes when creating a Google AdWords campaign

To measure the performance of online advertising, be sure to install all the conversion code on your landing pages. This involves inserting a conversion tracking on contact forms or creating a phone number for calls derived from the advertising.

Without setting up conversion codes, you will not know what contacts have been made due to advertising. So be sure to follow each conversion in order to calculate your cost per conversion and ROI!

And then?

Create your AdWords campaign by following our advice to avoid a high a cost per conversion rate. If you have more questions about Google AdWords, please contact us.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 514 572 7758 or via our contact form if you would talk to an expert who will answer all your questions.

Eugénie Delhaye
Cofondatrice et Spécialiste Marketing Internet et Référencement Naturel (SEO) Ma maîtrise des techniques de référencement, combinée à une analyse minutieuse des tendances du marché, me permet de créer des stratégies SEO sur mesure, efficaces et durables.
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