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5 new trends taking web design by storm

14 March 2023 Maxence Pezzetta
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Website designers need to keep up with the latest trends in web page design as well as anticipate trends that will take over in the coming months. As an Internet user, being aware of these trends will give you an idea of what might be coming to your screen soon.

In short, whether to keep up-to-date or simply satisfy your curiosity, here are the new trends in web design.

Trend #1: A design that incorporates custom illustrations

There is a growing tendency for media, digital agencies and brands to hire illustrators to create a unique visual style that stands out. These illustrations infuse a brand with personality and add playfulness to their content.

However, while this trend is perfect for businesses that want to be perceived as fun and energetic, it can also help make brands that are generally perceived as serious or austere more easily approachable.

One of the great benefits of custom image creation is that the images can be any size, style, and color, making them easy to integrate into any kind of web page.

Trend #2: Designing unique animations

Animation is currently popular in web design and continues to be a major trend. Animations allow designers to convey more information efficiently, while generating interest and offering the ability to tell a story in seconds. An increasing number of logos, backgrounds and menus are animated to better engage Internet users.

Animations can also improve a website’s performance. Essentially, animations are an interesting replacement for videos on a web page with a slow loading time. Composed of basic coding, they make it possible to create movements which integrate well in the background without prolonging visitor wait time.

Trend#3: Unconventional photographic content

The return of minimalism

With the advancements in digital camera performance, the temptation to use incredible shots is strong. However, simplicity will never be out of fashion and has recently been making a comeback. With large fonts and bright colors, the trend is to opt for easy-to-use and attractive interfaces.

Snapshots that generate engagement

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of photographs featuring people of color, women, and many other groups of people who might not have had the exposure they deserved. The Internet is inclusive, and this shift will reflect this.

Trend #4: Prioritizing mobile devices in web design

Mobile navigation has now officially overtaken desktop navigation. Practically everyone now uses tablets or smartphones to access web content. In the past, it was a laborious process that users struggled to adopt.

In recent years, however, mobile design has matured. Admittedly, the use of icons is more appropriate for smaller screens than large images, and menu systems have had to be redesigned, but the shift is now well underway. Websites designed for mobile are becoming more instinctive and users have adopted new browsing habits.

Trend #5: An explosion in typographic design

Typography has always been a visual tool with immense potential, capable of infusing personality, providing emotions and giving a website extra punch, all while transferring a wealth of information.

Using uppercase letters, vertical writing and high-contrast effects can create dynamic visuals that enhance the user experience and, most importantly, renew interest in visiting a website.

Moreover, due to increased display resolution, users are now able to read more highly-detailed typography more easily. Custom fonts can also be developed to match a company’s vision. In short, boldness is the name of the game in typography.

Adapt your website to new trends

If you find that your website is starting to age and that its design no longer meets the expectations of modern users on mobile devices, why not have it redesigned by My Little Big Web’s web design team?

Always attentive to our customers, we can design web pages that correspond to your tastes and personality, while following the new trends online.

Maxence Pezzetta
Cofondateur et Spécialiste Web Marketing et acquisition de clients Diplômé d’une double Maîtrise en Marketing et Communication, Max cumule plus de 10 ans d’expérience en Marketing digital. Ancien employé de Microsoft, sa mission est de « mettre le Web à la portée de tous » pour aider les entreprises à améliorer leur présence en ligne.
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