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E-Commerce stores, why not switch to Amazon Ads?

Do you have an e-commerce store and want to quickly increase your product visibility while boosting your sales? Amazon Ads is the solution. Here are the reasons why including the Amazon advertising platform in your sales strategy is now essential for any store that wants to grow and stand out from the competition.

What is Amazon Ads?

When you search Google, you sometimes find sponsored content among the first results.

This means that the content creators have paid to make it more visible. Well, it’s the same with Amazon. You can ensure that your products are strategically placed on the platform with an advertising campaign and considerably increase your chances of selling.


Should I use Amazon Ads?

Already using Amazon to sell your products? Then the answer is yes, you should use Amazon Ads! Not only are you already enjoying the benefits of the platform, thanks to your professional account, but you will also have a new way to attract consumers. It’s a smart business strategy, because as we all know, Amazon is the e-commerce platform par excellence. It is the world leader in its field and attracts millions of Internet users every year. Over the past five years, the number of users who use Amazon has increased to 100 million and is still growing, as well as the number of buyers and visitors.

Amazon Advertising is extremely useful today, as the platform has become a huge digital showcase with fierce competition. Many sellers use advertising to strengthen and develop their brand awareness, and it has become a requirement for merchants who want to increase their revenues while reducing competition.

How to get on Amazon Ads

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an advertising specialist to start with Amazon Ads. All you need is a seller’s account and your e-commerce shop. Once you are connected, all you have to do is start implementing your advertising strategy, following the procedure that Amazon indicates.

  • Choose the product you want to promote;
  • Choose the most appropriate keywords for your sponsored advertising. You can choose them yourself or let Amazon take care of them;
  • Enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the ad.

For newcomers to Amazon Ads, we recommend letting Amazon take care of your keyword selection with its automatic campaign first, then moving to the manual campaign and doing it yourself once you are more familiar with the process.

Is it profitable?

There are no monthly fees or activation costs to advertise Amazon products. If a seller already has a professional seller account, he only pays when the customer clicks on his ad and doesn’t pay for the traffic generated by his ad. This is called a PPC campaign, or “pay per click”. You can adjust the budget of this marketing campaign to your budget and your sales objectives.

Amazon Ads contributes to good SEO

It is worth noting that more than half of the users who buy on Amazon go no further than the first page of their search results, and that the first three results are the ones that get the most clicks. Optimizing your positioning is therefore essential to stay in the race and not fall by the wayside! Of course, you should do your best to position yourself in the first results naturally, by choosing your keywords and writing a good product sheet for example, but sometimes this is not enough to stand out from the competition. Amazon Ads will allow you to reinforce your strategy by positioning yourself quickly, while your store naturally positions itself. Together, these two factors will be your best allies. Remember that you can improve your natural SEO with Amazon advertising: by advertising, you will sell more, and by selling more, Amazon will position you among the first search results.

Learn the Amazon algorithm

Amazon uses an algorithm to reference the many products on the platform, the A9 algorithm, which takes many factors into account. The main factor is as follows:

The performance of your shop: it takes into account the number of recent sales to rank its search results. Since it focuses on the latest sales, it is unlikely that a new store will quickly rank ahead of its competitors. Using advertising to increase your chances of selling is therefore the best strategy to adopt on Amazon.

Amazon Ads gives you more visibility

When advertising on Amazon, the platform offers three different solutions, each designed to significantly increase your visibility. You can choose the one that best meets your goals.

Sponsored brands

Sponsored brands allow an Amazon store to highlight a selection of three products of your choice by placing them above the search results. This selection is displayed with your brand name based on customer searches to provide relevant results when the user is looking for products similar to yours. They therefore make it possible to boost a brand’s recognition on the platform and increase its visibility. When the consumer clicks on one of these products, they will be redirected to a personalized page that displays at least three of your products. Here is an example of a sponsored brand in context:


Sponsored products

Sponsored products are displayed at the top of Amazon’s search results, like those found on Google Shopping for example. They are targeted by keywords, which the seller can choose. If the user clicks on the ad, they will be automatically redirected to your detailed product page. This method is very effective for increasing visibility since the product highlighted corresponds to the keywords entered by the consumer in his search and is placed strategically, i.e. exactly where the buyer will focus: in the first results of his search, regardless of the type of device he is on, whether desktop or mobile. Here is an example where you will find both a sponsored brand and a sponsored product on Amazon when you perform a search:


Display ads

Display ads are targeted by type of product and consumer interest rather than by keywords. They lead the user to a product sheet when clicked on. They appear on the right or under search results, on the seller’s review page, above product lists and even in Amazon emails. Being broadcast everywhere on the platform, these ads considerably increase a store’s visibility. Here is an example:



Measure your success with Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads lets you track the success of your sponsored ads live on the platform, which will give you an overview of the PPC campaign and help you optimize it accordingly. The seller therefore knows if their ads are effective and if the keywords chosen for each of their products are relevant or not.

 Optimize your Amazon Ads

Beyond the three types of ads used to promote your content, you should know that Amazon advertising includes other essential features. You can also read this guide to learn 5 Tips for Amazon Ads and optimize your strategies to sell more, be more visible and boost your brand awareness.

Since advertising can be difficult to set up, you can also contact our team of experts to manage your PPC campaigns and ensure the success of your business.


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