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DoubleClick and programmatic buying in 5 key points

27 April 2016 Eugénie Delhaye

DoubleClick is a company that was acquired by Google in 2007. The company is an online advertising platform that connects advertisers and websites (publishers) by selling ad space. Through its various products, DoubleClick is a solution for advertisers but also for publishers.

DoubleClick offers several products and tools: DoubleClick Ad Exchange, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Creative Solutions, DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick for Publishers.

These products do not all have the same functions. For example, DoubleClick Search will connect with Google AdWords at the campaign-level on search networks. But unlike Google AdWords, DoubleClick Search allows management of campaigns on various search engines (whether Google or Bing) via a single platform.

Furthermore, DoubleClick Campaign Manager is the product used for creating and managing display campaigns. A display advertising cannot fit on a website so easily. Before a banner is published online, several steps must be completed including programmatic buying.

We will therefore explain in this article the importance of display campaigns, while presenting you the different DoubleClick products using programmatic buying and display advertising in general.

1. Display campaigns

Display campaigns are a great way to improve paid advertising campaigns because they provide real visibility to businesses. Google boasts being able to reach 90% of Internet users worldwide through the Google Display Network. This method of online display advertising by programmatic form includes not only image ads (such as banners) but also videos.

But before embarking on programmatic display, it is essential to understand the different possible targeting methods for this type of online advertising.

Given the visibility that an image ad can have, display campaigns are perfect for creating branding campaigns. This type of campaign lets you highlight your business, while assessing its reputation thanks to the different results obtained (number of impressions, clicks and conversions). It’s an interesting way to gauge the reaction of your target market in terms of your ads.

If you are a fan of remarketing campaigns, you know that it is possible to create similar audiences using programmatic display. Using data collected on recorded audiences, reaching new people that may have an interest in your products is therefore a possibility. Reaching an audience that has similar features to users visiting your website for example is an effective strategy to get a good return on investment.

Finally, whether it be with DoubleClick Bid Manager or Google AdWords, use of keywords does not stop campaigns on search networks. With contextual targeting in programmatic display, using relevant keywords lets you show your ads on various websites that potential customers visit when surfing the web.

2. Programmatic buying

With a large number of online advertisements available today on the web, you’d never suspect the complexity that exists for advertisers when running their banners. Before programmatic buying, advertisers could decide to buy 120 million impressions on a website. However, this does not mean that the number of impressions would be achieved (few visits, change of format banners during campaigns…). Despite media buying, the loss of impressions was still very important for agencies.

To standardize this media buying process, programmatic buying has the potential for publishers (of news websites, for example) to sell their advertising space on specific programmatic platforms (“supply-side-platforms “). DoubleClick for Publishers is the programmatic Google platform for publishers that can offer their inventory on a special market such as the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Advertisers can then buy ad space available through DoubleClick Bid Manager, a programmatic platform called “demand-side-platform.”

Programmatic buying allows advertisers to show their ads on relevant websites to increase their return on investment.

3. DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

For programmatic buying to be possible, publishers must use a dedicated platform to sell their advertising space.

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is the ad server owned by Google which allows each publisher to control the ads that appear on their websites. For example, a news site like Le Devoir can control advertising content available on its own site. The publisher may decide the exact position of the advertising on its website (bottom right of the home page, for example), how often advertising may appear and the specific times of broadcast.

DFP is a great way for publishers to enter into negotiations directly with an agency dealing with advertising campaigns.

4. DoubleClick Bid Manager

From the advertiser standpoint, the Google buying platform to use is DoubleClick Bid Manager. With this display campaign management tool, agencies can buy advertising space on hundreds of different sites. With a large inventory it is important to use an effective programmatic buying management platform.

The great strength of DoubleClick Bid Manager is it can obtain real-time results. So advertisers can react quickly when they see interesting auctions, for example. User behavior in relation to their ads can also be measured when their advertisement is posted.

For fans of Google AdWords that are interested in DoubleClick Bid Manager, it is good to know that the platform has features similar to AdWords. Conversions can be recorded and audiences are automatically created through pixels installed on your website.

Videos, traditional banners, flash or HTML5 and Facebook Ads can also be imported on DoubleClick Manager.

Unlike Google AdWords, the platform provides a much wider audience while being able to preform accurate targeting. Indeed, we must not forget that the display campaigns on AdWords are mainly shown on its own display network. A platform such as DoubleClick Bid Manager provides access to more than 15 billion impressions daily.

5. DoubleClick Ad Exchange

To bring together publishers and advertisers, the DoubleClick Ad Exchange platform can be used. DoubleClick Ad Exchange is an online marketplace that offers real-time bidding. For example, if a new site wants to sell a stock, they can do it on Ad Exchange to bring together potential buyers such as Google AdWords and others.

In just a few seconds (milliseconds), the Ad Exchange may make a bid for publicity and sell to the highest bidder in real time. In this way, publishers can offer their advertising space to several interested advertisers.

So for all display campaigns management on AdWords, know that your display ads are well placed through the Ad Exchange to be distributed across many websites.


Several comparisons can be made between DoubleClick products and Google AdWords. Both platforms converge certain points (auction system, targeting methods), but note that DoubleClick was created at the base for display campaigns and specializes only in programmatic display and thus programmatic buying.

With Ad Exchange connecting publishers and advertisers, agencies have the opportunity to reach a much larger target audience than on the Google’s display network alone. Therefore, the use of DoubleClick is particularly recommended for large companies looking to increase their visibility to a wider audience.

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