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Email marketing: The 7 best practices to follow

With more than 144 billion emails sent every day, email marketing is a practice that can be particularly profitable for a company. However, with so many emails sent, and therefore received every day, it is important that your message stand outs from the competition.

Email marketing includes newsletters as well as all promotional messages sent by businesses via email. To ensure that your emails do not get lost in cyberspace without being opened, we suggest you discover our 7 best web marketing practices to help send quality emails.

1.     Design

Make sure to create an attractive design that highlights your business, with a clear call to action appearing above the subject line.

It is important that the content appears clearly and makes the user to want to read your email.

The application Uber has chosen a very simple newsletter template with a short but effective message: “Get $2 uberPOOL trips in September”. The content is light and the sections are perfectly identifiable and readable for the users.

It is also recommended that the email should not be more than 600 pixels wide to ensure that the display appears correctly on all devices (smart phones, mobiles, tablets …)

2.     Customizing emails

To ensure that your email marketing strategy is effective, it is recommended that each of your messages be personalized so that users feel that these emails are addressed exclusively to them.

Therefore, it is recommended that your contact lists be segmented according to the interests of users. For example, if a user bought sneakers from a particular brand on your site, it would be preferable for that user to receive information about similar products.

In this way, there is a good chance that the user has a real interest in the email received and that they revisit your website to make a purchase.

Therefore, avoid sending the same email to each of your users so that your message does not end up in the spam mailbox automatically.

3.     Optimization for mobile devicesmarketing-courriel-responsive

Since 66% of emails with commercial purposes are opened on mobile devices, it is essential that each email sent out can be opened and read easily on different mobile devices.

It is recommended to put preference on responsive email templates. In the same way that a website uses responsive design, a responsive email will adapt automatically to the screen resolution of the device on which it is opened. So the message will not appear the same way on a tablet as it does on a smartphone.

Aweber gives an excellent example of a responsive email that fits perfectly on the screen and whose text is easily readable without needing to zoom in.

4.     Short but effective content

Given the fact that more and more people are reading their emails on their mobile devices, it is essential to send out short but effective messages. Indeed, emails are browsed quickly and it is important that users understand your messages in less than a minute.

5.     Pay attention to the subject of the email

The subject of the email should not be sloppily written when creating an email marketing campaign. Experts also advise to avoid subjects consisting of between 60 to 70 characters. According to Adestra, a subject with a length of less than 10 characters has an opening rate of 58%.

The most important is to make users want to open your email, so do not hesitate to add promotions or emoticons to increase your opening rate.

But if you are as popular or known as Barack Obama, a simple subject like “Hey” might suffice ;).


6.     Include promotions


If your goal is to increase sales through your email marketing campaigns, creating exclusive promotions is a very good incentive. A promotion in your newsletter such as: “Get 50% off before the end of the month!” Could generate significant traffic towards your website

The store Dynamite ensures that its potential customers feel privileged by offering a 15% discount on the first purchase, for example.

This encourages users to create their account on an e-shopping website while taking advantage of an offer that seems exclusive.

7.     Automation of email

Email automation is an increasingly common practice in web marketing. This practice involves sending an email automatically to users who have performed a specific action on your website. For example, it is possible to send an automatic email to all the people who have registered for your newsletter. This allows you to save time and avoid sending these emails manually.

However, email automation can go much further. For example, you can send customized messages on your customers’ birthdays with a 10% discount. This can encourage users to take advantage of offers on their birthday.

Also, do not hesitate to send another email with articles that might be of interest to your users. For example, if you have noticed that some users have clicked on your SEO article in your latest newsletter, contact them again and recommend new articles.


In order to create effective email marketing campaigns, do not hesitate to follow these 7 good practices so as not to create newsletters that will go unnoticed.

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