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Hootsuite for your social network strategy

Hoot what?

With over twelve billion users, Hootsuite is now the platform of social media that is the most used in the world. This Canadian social platform created in 2008 by Ryan Holmes is a dashboard to manage in a single interface all of your social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Mixi, MySpace, WordPress and Ping.

There are three versions: one that is free, one that is for professionals, and one for businesses. The latter provides a content library to increase your visibility and sales in order to establish a perfect social network strategy.

Why use Hootsuite in your enterprise?

Today we see that social networks are widely used in business: in fact, 96% of marketing professionals use them. With Hootsuite, you can track and manage your community commitment while centralizing and analyzing social interactions, enough to develop a real social network strategy.

So the more you open accounts, the more you will be more visible on the web! Programming your messages on this platform allows you to save time and generate traffic. Indeed, the traffic generated towards your website can help your SEO because not all users are on the same social platforms. Hootsuite allows you to listen to what is happening in your business, strengthen your relationship with your customers and communicate with third parties.

Moreover, centralizing information on Hootsuite enables you to generate more traffic towards your website and convert visitors into customers. Indeed, through this social network strategy, your sales channel will increase and your reputation too!

Distinguish yourself with Hootsuite, your social networking strategy

It is good to know that there are three types of customers on the web: digital novices -with them, you should rather make it simple and effective, they are not familiar with social-networking, – the digitally convinced-, they must be educated, so you should take their foundations and transform them into skills in order to make them evolve into digital experts, web professionals!

Once you have analyzed the customer, you can follow these five steps to stand out:

First, you must be attentive. Feel free to inspire yourself from the competition!

Then, develop a content strategy “human to human”. Today, we must promote human relations within companies; with shorter and more engaging sentences on social networks, like Twitter for example, you’ll be closer to people.

Then, use a “glocal” communication. That means you must establish communication at both global and local levels to identify your audience. For example, if you live in the Parisian region, be sure to attract a Parisian audience on your social networks, without neglecting the youth or professionals, in order to be “glocal”.

Thereafter, adapt your behaviour towards your customers. We live in an era where we want to have everything at once: your client will not want to wait fifteen minutes on the phone for an answer. With this social network strategy, your customer will get an immediate response.

Finally, remember to involve your employees in your communication strategy. To do this, you can assign more or less important tasks to each employee, which would contribute to the image you want to show in your messages on social networks. Indeed, an informed employee will be engaged!


The enterprise version of Hootsuite allows you to manage your presence in relation to a company. With this social network strategy, you can manage your image and control the distribution of your messages. Hootsuite allows you to have a real impact on your company by analyzing social trends.

To summarize, you can manage multiple accounts on the same interface, analyze your needs and centralize interactions on your overall platform.

Social media allows you to attract users to your website but are not the only vehicle of traffic.

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