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7 ways you can optimize your Google Shopping campaigns to earn more!

Google AdWords offers several online advertisement options, be it on search networks, display networks, on mobile sites or applications, on Youtube or with Google Shopping. Google Shopping is a particularly interning platform for retailers with at least 500 products for sale.

Creating Google Shopping ad campaigns can increase traffic on a website and promote products easily on the popular search engines. Of course, if you want your shop to be listed on Google Shopping, your goal will be to quickly generate sales. We invite you to discover exactly what Google Shopping is before you jump to the 7 ways to optimize your ad campaigns.

Google Shopping: what’s that?

The Google Shopping campaigns let retailers promote their products when users search something on Google. For example, if you have a sports shop, it’s possible to create a Google Shopping campaign so that Internet users see several of your products on Google.

The Google Shopping products can appear on top of Google Ads paid advertisements as well as on top of natural search results. The products thus gain a very important visibility thanks to Google Shopping, as you can see from the screenshot below.


The products can also appear on the right side of the search engine.


Unlike text ads, Google Shopping ads include a photo to catch the attention of Internet users. Given that fact that these ads are diffused after specific searches, the clicks can be specifically important for the advertisers.

As this all belongs to Google AdWords, the advertisers pay only when users click on their products. Google Shopping never stops growing, with a recent increased click-through rate of 73%.


Optimize your Google Shopping campaign using SEO methods

You should know that you cannot select the keywords that you want to be used on Google Shopping. It is therefore essential that you correctly fill in the different product fields, as it is recommended in SEO writing.

It is important to pay attention to the product title and description, as well as to select the right product category.


For example if you are selling Adidas sport shoes, we strongly advise that you add this keyword directly at the beginning of your title. In fact, Google puts a larger emphasis on the words placed at the beginning of a title.

Finally, don’t hesitate to write a detailed description so that users can easily find your product on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping: regularly update your product listing

The product listing is the most important element when creating a Google Shopping ad campaign. Indeed, for your ads to be diffused, a product listing has to be sent via Google Merchant Center. This data lets Google know what products are for sale on your online store and lets Google create ads automatically based on this information.

So, its important to regularly update your product listings as Google prefers advertisers who offer correct information all the time. Therefore, if you regularly change your prices, don’t forget to update your product listing and the make sure that your Google Merchant Center account is free of error.

Finally, the Google Shopping product listing specifications can be changed. That’s why we always advise you to check that your product-listing matches the latest specifications sent out by Google. If not, your ads run the risk of not being diffused.

Check up on the competition


In order to generate sales on Google Shopping, we advise you to check the prices offered by competitors or the same types of product. If you sell bath towels for example, make sure that your prices are not so much higher than those of your competitors.

It is very likely products with lower price will receive more clicks that similar products sold at a higher price.

Work together with your partners

If you do not have as many products as other larger shopping companies in order to help position yourself several times on the same types of products, there is a solution. Why not contact your business partners to ensure that your products always appear first in search results? This implies that you need to make sure that you have a high enough bid on your Shopping campaigns, just as your partner should.

Promote your “special offers”campagne-google-shopping-bocaux

If you’re offering an online sale, don’t hesitate to let it be knows on Google Shopping thanks to “special offers”. Promotional links show up under the products and let you grasp the attention of Internet users.

This feature is interesting because it lets advertisers have a more important place in the product list, at no extra cost.

Google Shopping: make “tripwire” offers on your campaign

A “tripwire” offer is when you sell a product at a lower price in order to encourage users to buy the product. The goal of this practice is not only to sell the product at a lower price, but also to create a sense of trust between the retailer and buyer.

So, after buying the first product the buyer is more likely to make a second (more expensive) purchase on a website that they already know. So don’t hesitate to sell your products at a discounted price on your Google Shopping campaigns in order to make yourself know to new possible customers.

Google Shopping: create a dynamic remarketing campaign

Creating remarketing campaigns on Google AdWords can be very beneficial for a company. Traditional remarketing consists of broadcasting ads to all former site visitors. This allows an online shop to continue to be seen all over the web by former visitors.

However, one of the main advantages of Google Shopping is the ability to create a dynamic remarketing campaign. What this means is that an online shop can diffuse its ads to former visitors based on products viewed during their navigation. This practice can raise the conversation rates on Google Shopping through the diffusion of relevant products to users who have shown interest.

The Netshoes Company has recorded an increase in turnover of 30% thanks to a dynamic remarketing campaign. We strongly recommend that you make such a campaign if you want to use Google Shopping.


Advertising on Google Ads can be a real asset to some retail stores through Google Shopping campaigns. However, in order to ensure the success of a campaign it’s essential that you know the proper practices already in place and to regularly stay on top of the latest trends and updates.

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