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Product page optimization powered by SEO and UX: 7 must-have elements

2 July 2021 Maxence Pezzetta
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Building an effective product page is not as easy as you might think. Indeed, its role isn’t simply presenting a product. It needs to successfully charm and convince users so they make a purchase.

Your e-commerce site’s product pages must be properly assembled. They must be understood and provide the necessary information to guide users in their decision-making and the act of purchasing.

For this, you must, among other things, optimize the customer experience (UX) and SEO. As we saw in a previous article, these two optimization techniques are closely related and cannot be explored independently of each other.

Let’s take a look at how to optimize your product pages with 7 essential UX and SEO elements that will convert more visitors into customers.

Choose a punchy title

The H1 title is very important on a product page because it is the first descriptive information that users will see. It will allow them to identify the product being marketed in seconds. Your title must be concise, accurately describe the product and be punchy enough to push the user towards their future purchase.

Moreover, choosing a title for your product page isn’t just about finding a sales pitch. It also plays a key role in the SEO of your product page because it informs search engine about the subject matter to better reference the page during a search. Therefore, remember to insert the keyword in your H1 title as well as the title tag, the meta description, the URL and the content of your page.

Add images

Visual elements are an essential part of a product page because they let users preview your product. Therefore, by integrating a product image, you improve the user experience and enable users to imagine themselves in possession of the product.

At the same time, optimizing an image will contribute to your SEO strategy. To do this, you need to give your images a name that corresponds to their content and make sure they aren’t too large in size, which could impact loading speed. In addition, because search engines can’t read images, we recommend adding an alternative tag that describes your image in a few words.

Keep in mind that having a visual on a product page strongly contributes to users purchasing your product. Don’t hesitate to include several images that show the product from different angles and a zoom option to the see the product in more detail.

Include a product description

When optimizing a product page, adding a description is essential. This is beneficial for several reasons.

Firstly, it brings an informational value to the product. Indeed, users will be able to learn more specific information about the product including its special features, technical characteristics, benefits, etc.

Secondly, including a product description allows you to add content to your page, which is an essential element in any SEO strategy.

You can also liven up your description by adding tips and tricks on how the product is used or maintained.

Suggest complementary products

This is what we call cross-selling! This technique offers the user additional products related to the one on the page. Take, for example, a user on a smartphone product page. You might suggest items such as a charger, earphones, a protective case, etc. The goal of integrating this functionality is to increase the average user’s checkout cart by making them buy additional products.

Alternatively, you can optimize your product page with an upselling technique. While the goal is the same as cross-selling, upselling is slightly different. It involves suggesting similar products that are in a higher price range. This also allows you to create some SEO-friendly internal linking.

Action buttons

Action buttons are also very important on a product page since they are the first step taken by users in the buying process. These buttons are the gateway between the user and the conversion tunnel.

If you want to maximize the click-through rate, action buttons must be visible and organically placed on your page. To achieve this, we recommend displaying them as high as possible on your product page, ideally above the fold.

On another note, don’t hesitate to use bright colors that will encourage conversions, as this can have a real impact.

Page speed

Another vital aspect when optimizing a product page is the loading time. This is very important, as much for user experience as for SEO.

In fact, the faster your product page loads, the faster users will be able to access the content they want. This way, users won’t leave your page and your bounce rate won’t increase.

The faster your product page loads, the more easily search engines, such as Google, can index your page. This is taken into account in SEO to obtain a better positioning in search results.

Customer reviews

Finally, the last essential element is customer reviews. Essentially, 7 out of 10 people read product reviews before purchasing a product. This crucial aspect should therefore not be neglected.

Even as users become increasingly familiar with online shopping, they don’t become any less suspicious. In this sense, customer reviews reassure users and are a big contributing factor in purchases.

To further improve the UX of your product listing, you can add an average rating, at the very top of your page next to the title of your product. This way, the user will be reassured and want to know more about your product as soon as they arrive on your page.

Conclusion: optimizing a product page

If you want to see your conversion rate increase, it is essential that the user is confident when visiting your site and product pages. By optimizing these 7 elements, whether in customer experience or SEO, and paying special attention to design, as well as the organization of your pages, you will encourage users to go further in the buying process.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive and other elements should be taken into account depending on the specific characteristics of your page.

If you would like our help setting up a product page optimization strategy with UX and SEO, contact us now. Our specialists will help you design the most appropriate product pages for your site to increase your conversions.

Maxence Pezzetta
Cofondateur et Spécialiste Web Marketing et acquisition de clients Diplômé d’une double Maîtrise en Marketing et Communication, Max cumule plus de 10 ans d’expérience en Marketing digital. Ancien employé de Microsoft, sa mission est de « mettre le Web à la portée de tous » pour aider les entreprises à améliorer leur présence en ligne.
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