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SEO Construction Case Study | Increase In Contact Requests By 700%

11 November 2016 Eugénie Delhaye

How can we increase contact requests by 700% on a website in the field of construction?


Contrary to what one might think, it is very lucrative to advertise or perform SEO for construction companies. Indeed, with good campaigns, the cost per lead is generally less than $20 and signed projects have at least several hundred dollars to their credit.

When we started the project in April 2016, the site was launched more than a year ago (March 2015).


In total: Traffic increase of 672%

This increase in traffic allowed for contact requests to increase by 700%

Our client went from 3 to 24 contacts a month.

Below you will find an increase in visits to the contact page that led to an increase in contact requests.


You will find below the increase of traffic resulting from SEO:



  • Completion of an SEO audit
  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Revision of the entire contents of the site
  • Adaptation of the structure
  • Improvement of user experience on the website
  • Implementation of a strategy for writing content
  • Implementation of a link building strategy
Eugénie Delhaye
Cofondatrice et Spécialiste Marketing Internet et Référencement Naturel (SEO) Ma maîtrise des techniques de référencement, combinée à une analyse minutieuse des tendances du marché, me permet de créer des stratégies SEO sur mesure, efficaces et durables.
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