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Social media: what are the trends for 2017?

In the era of social media, our eyes are literally fixed to the biggest names in the field to find out what new trends are on the horizon.

With the latest technologies and the emergence of new social networking behaviors, new web strategies must also be adopted. You must know how to adapt to take advantage of the opportunities provided by a social internet.

That said, what exactly are the new trends for this year?

The war on fake news circulating on social platforms

You’ve probably already seen some attention-grabbing news stories that make your hair stand on end, only to finally realize that they were completely untrue!

The phenomenon of fake news online is all the rage at the moment, especially in America.

Source: thebeaverton

Facebook and Google have recently declared war on fake news and want to put effective strategies in place to ensure the integrity of information circulating on social networks throughout 2017.

Improved user experience


2017 will certainly be marked by the constantly improving user experience.

Consumers will increasingly search for information on Facebook pages and now prefer communicating via Messenger to making a phone call. Companies therefore heavily rely on social media for customer interaction.

They must therefore work twice as hard to satisfy customer demands and attract them to their own social platforms over those of their competitors.

It is not only necessary to attract them, but also to facilitate and improve their experience on the social page. For example, Internet users should be able to quickly and easily find important information. Patience is fleeting and users will become annoyed if they have to dig to find what they are looking for.

With this in mind, remember to always have a content strategy in place for your digital platforms!


The influencer trend is not about to run out of steam!

To adapt and maintain visibility among a swarm of competitors, companies will have to collaborate and partner with influencers or bloggers to highlight their products or services.

Conversely, seeing your product or service torn apart online by one of these popular online personalities marks a difficult turning point for companies that need to pay more attention to the messages they send out.

This double-edged sword must be handled with care!


Instagram, in particular, will offer a new feature allowing subscribers to share, not one photo at a time, but an entire album. This functionality will resemble the photo albums already offered on Facebook.

Ten pictures can be grouped together. Each image will be independent, and can therefore be modified using different filters as desired.



Meanwhile, Facebook, the social media giant, will allow users to search images using keywords. The era of searching indefinitely for that one cat meme that had us laughing hysterically is over! It will be as simple as describing the photo in the search engine and an image selection will appear.


The year 2017 will undoubtedly be marked by an improvement and increase in online videos.

You’ve probably already received notifications from Facebook indicating that one of your “friends” is live. An increase in the popularity of the live streaming social media trend can be expected.

You will likely receive a lot more of these types of notifications in the future.

Companies can also take advantage of live video to present exclusive offers, showcase their business or share news.

Showing a human side is an opportunity for companies to encourage customer engagement. “Facebook Live” is therefore a great tool to increase company sales.

Facebook is already a social platform that companies trust to generate more profits, but you can bet that it will become even more popular in 2017!

Temporary content, notably found on Snapchat, will also be on the rise. This platform is becoming increasingly popular and is gaining serious ground with young people.


Social media, due to its growing popularity, is in a state of constant evolution.

Creators are working hard to find new technologies or applications to transform these digital platforms into a cornerstone of our daily lives.

And it is working!

It is therefore no surprise that today’s entrepreneurs are seeking community managers to maintain their online image and stand out from competitors.

A bad online reputation can sink a business, just as a thoughtful brand image can invite attractive opportunities! Do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our experts who can answer all your questions.


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