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The importance of integrating calls to action on your site during its design stage

12 October 2023 Maxence Pezzetta

You have no doubt often heard about calls to action, the little texts designed to prompt specific actions from web users. Often in button form, their goal is to redirect the user and create an interaction between the user and your company. In order to be properly optimized, they need to be well-though-out in terms of colour, page position, font and more. Nothing should be left to chance.

However, some companies neglect the importance of these buttons and fail to integrate them on their site at the design stage. It should go without saying that conversion levels will suffer from the consequences of this oversight.

This article will help you discover the different benefits provided by calls to action and the importance of integrating them on your site as soon as it is created.

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Calls to action guide the user towards conversion

Calls to action have one main interest: gradually guiding users to a page that will enable them to make an eagerly awaited conversion.

From the day of its launch, your website is the conduit for one primary objective: to ensure the presentation and the promotion of your products and services for a sales purpose, and therefore, profitability. It is therefore essential to integrate a clear path for your customers that leads to the purchasing action from the first web design phase.

When creating your website, identify the pages that are best suited to hosting call-to-action buttons: service pages, for example, are often the perfect place to integrate them. Be sure to design them in the most natural way possible. Their goal should be to suggest an action rather than force one, and they must therefore be visible without taking up all the space. If the user feels constrained, their contradictory spirit will take over, and they will most likely turn back around. Therefore, study your buttons in detail before inserting them: color, page location, text ... Be imaginative!


The call to action on the MLBW service pages: simple and effective text on a background with the company colors!

Integrating calls to action at the design stage shows that you are open to communication

If you've studied a few websites before launching, you've most likely noticed that calls to action on online platforms aren’t necessarily meant to redirect to sales pages.

"Contact us", "Write us", "Submit a form", "Ask us your questions" ... Whether it's a showcase site or eCommerce platform, you've probably come across these types of calls to action on many websites. They generally redirect to contact forms, a page to be showcased or a newsletter subscription. Did you know that these buttons are as important as those aimed at generating sales?

It is essential to show your potential customers that they are listened to, understood, and that you are open to communication. This is why integrating call-to-action buttons to establish contact between you and the user is step that should not be overlooked. The user that feels he has been carefully listened to will feel reassured and confident and will be more willing to make a purchase when the need arises.


The MLBW homepage call to action: an incentive to ask us your questions!

Calls to action remind the user of the various actions that can be performed

In addition to being a link to conversion, call-to-action buttons have another role: that of reminding internet users of the various actions that they can perform throughout their visit. Far from being trivial, this can have a significant effect on your users’ behaviour!

During their visit, the potential client will be confronted with a large amount of information; they will have to analyze, understand and sort it. In order to simplify their path to conversion, they should be regularly reminded of the different possibilities available to them. Call-to-action buttons are the ideal tool for this purpose.

When strategically placing them on your site, you help remind the user of the primary reason they visited your platform while suggesting them a range of complementary services they may not have been aware of. Do you have services that complement each other? Does your blog article discuss a product you sell? These are things to consider when establishing a smart call-to-action button layout. This is one of the best strategies for converting your visitors into customers and making your website profitable.

As commonplace as they seem, call-to-action buttons are an important part your initial strategy when creating your website. Having them integrated at the site launch ensures the maximum profitability of your company and the promotion of your various products and services. As a consequence, your investment will be rewarded and your performance will soar. So, don’t wait any longer. Grab your keyboards and start designing those call-to-action buttons! Need some help with this task? Don’t hesitate to contact us: our web design experts will be happy to help you maximize your results!

Maxence Pezzetta
Cofondateur et Spécialiste Web Marketing et acquisition de clients Diplômé d’une double Maîtrise en Marketing et Communication, Max cumule plus de 10 ans d’expérience en Marketing digital. Ancien employé de Microsoft, sa mission est de « mettre le Web à la portée de tous » pour aider les entreprises à améliorer leur présence en ligne.
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