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Why use Twitter for business?

1 December 2020 Eugénie Delhaye
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Social media networks have become an important part of any corporate strategy. It is rare for a company not to have its own Facebook or LinkedIn page, and your company is probably no exception.

You may still be hesitant about creating a Twitter account for your business. However, the platform has over 145 million daily active users and has quickly become the social network expert in viral content. How can the social network with the blue bird benefit your business? How can you use Twitter for business to its full potential?

Discover 6 good reasons to use Twitter for business!

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1. Use your business Twitter account as a networking tool

Like most social media platforms used in the business world, Twitter is a great way to connect with people you might have never met in real life. It is therefore an important tool to consider in your web marketing strategy!

This is especially true if your business is related to the web or new technologies. Twitter is full of web experts, developers and other geeks sharing a wealth of useful information on a daily basis. Even if your company belongs to a different industry, there will be a community for you. Twitter is especially interesting for the different communities it brings together. It is very easy to categorize Twitter accounts. For example, you can group those about politics, those who follow a particular artist, comedic accounts, accounts about photography, and more.

Twitter for business

Target groups are easily defined, which can help you with your marketing strategy when investing in social media.

Moreover, the magic of the social network lies in the fact that there are no barriers between the different Twitter profiles, whether professional or personal. You can easily get in touch with the people who follow you or who you follow.

Twitter's values are user-friendliness and closeness, so you will get an answer much more easily than on most third-party networks!

2. Use Twitter for your recruitment strategy

Twitter is also a gold mine for your recruitment! Yes, you read that right. Since your company targets a specific group of internet users with shared interests, it is highly likely that you will find potential candidates who are interested in your field of activity!

For example, a Twitter user reached out to Netflix for an internship application and got 14,800 “likes”.

Recrutement sur Twitter entreprise Netflix

If you choose to use Twitter for recruitment purposes, keep the following best practices in mind:

Choose your job title wisely

Keep in mind that Twitter prefers 140-character posts. This means that you have little space to attract users' attention. Make sure your job title is clear and precise. The title "Bilingual SEO Specialist Wanted" is better than "Bilingual SEO Strategy Specialist for the key account portion of an internationally renowned agency based in Montreal" .

Engage your team in your Twitter recruitment strategy

Twitter is a social network and the strength of social networks is the ability to share content over and over again.  If you can get your entire team to share the job posting in question, it will increase your visibility exponentially. This practice is especially recommended because employees in an industry usually know others who have the same background as them or who work in the same industry as them.

partage emploi twitter corporatif

In the rest of the article, we'll share other best practices that will be just as valuable for your Twitter recruitment strategy .

3. Boost your online visibility and SEO with Twitter for business

You may not know it, but tweets can appear in Google search results too! This is why it is important to have a relevant content strategy and use Twitter to its full potential.

Your tweets will not rank first on search results. Depending on your tweets and how much competition there is, they may be on the fourth, third or even second results page.

This advantage should not be neglected since it offers an opportunity to be listed on new search terms. Using Twitter for business is therefore a very good complementary tool to SEO.

référencement naturel des Tweets

Using Twitter for business can also help increase external links that point to your website. You will be able to attract Twitter users toward your website and boost your traffic by sharing blog articles, new information, and a few strategically placed hashtags.

You should also share information from other known accounts with retweets and quote tweets: this gives your profile credibility.

citation et retweet pour twitter entreprise

4. Use your business Twitter account as a monitoring tool

Keep an eye on your competition

Twitter is more than just a tool for sharing information, it can also be used to gather valuable information. It can be highly beneficial to your business if you use it for competitive intelligence.

The platform also has a keyword search tool to search for information you may be interested in. For example, you can search for comments made about your business. You can also observe what is being said about your competitors to draw inspiration from their criticism. Twitter's hashtag search tool provides photos, videos, news, and much more!

Outil de recherche par mots clés Twitter

Find potential clients

Using Twitter for business can also help you find potential clients. You may be wondering how, but it is very simple: if you are a graphic designer, you can schedule a search for the key term "graphic designer search” or "freelance graphic designer" and be notified as soon as someone uses this term. You can then react by offering your services!

Trouver ses clients sur Twitter

5. Communicate with your customers directly and efficiently

As mentioned above, communication is one of Twitter’s main values. Feel free to use this value as you wish to build a better image!

Some companies heavily rely on their community managers to give them a young and friendly brand image. You can use social media management as you see fit to shape your brand image to your liking.

Gestion de communauté Twitter Walmart

Twitter makes it easy to gather opinions about your business and react in real time, which will show your customers that you care.

Community Management Twitter

When the community manager of a supermarket decides to play the game by answering even the most absurd tweets: a strategy that pays off for the company's image!

Some customers who are tired of impersonal forms and online procedures may also come to you with questions directly on your corporate Twitter profile, by private message or even by tweet. Always respond to their concerns! These people are customers who may not have started the process if not for Twitter in fear of a lack of response (this is unfortunately the case on many websites).

Répondre aux clients sur Twitter

Give them a personal touch by offering them personalized support, and you will reap valuable positive customer reviews! Twitter has become a new after-sales service for brands to respond to customers more easily and quickly.

6. Twitter goes viral, even for businesses

Before TikTok came into our lives, Twitter was the social network of excellence in viral content. With the option of retweeting and quote tweeting, some tweets have an impressive reach no matter how many followers you have. Let me explain: you have a Twitter account with 100 followers, but one of your followers has 10,000 followers. They retweet your tweet, and your reach immediately goes from 100 to 10,000. Virality can be dangerous, but if you are looking for visibility, Twitter is for you.

Twitter released a ranking of the brand campaigns that stood out throughout 2020. The top of the list features Gatorade’s campaign for quenching viewers’ thirst for sports using Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

Stratégie de tweet corporatif viral

Netflix also improved its sympathy capital with light and funny answers and tweets. With a little over 10 million followers, the Netflix page has a well-functioning communication strategy, but above all, it i s standardized across all its country pages (@Netflix_CA, @NetflixFR…). The platform's visibility is growing and Twitter remains Netflix's favourite social network, proof that it is an essential tool.

Tweet Netflix gestion de communauté

7. How to gain more Twitter followers

Once you create a Twitter account, you need to optimize it. There are many ways to gain more followers on Twitter, fortunately we wrote an article featuring our best advice! Here is a preview:

  • Optimize your page
  • Use Twitter News
  • Post relevant content
  • Engage with your community
  • Tweet often and wisely

Why have a Twitter account for business?

Using Twitter for business means benefiting from an extra tool to improve your web marketing strategy. You can use the social network for competitive intelligence or SEO purposes to make the most of its features.

Go ahead and take the plunge: Twitter is waiting for you!

Would you like to take advantage of customized support to develop your online presence, especially on social networks? Contact our agency today and benefit from our expert advice!

Eugénie Delhaye
Cofondatrice et Spécialiste Marketing Internet et Référencement Naturel (SEO) Ma maîtrise des techniques de référencement, combinée à une analyse minutieuse des tendances du marché, me permet de créer des stratégies SEO sur mesure, efficaces et durables.
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