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Web design: Why should you choose PrestaShop?

28 March 2016 Maxence Pezzetta

What is PrestaShop?

Established in 2007, PrestaShop is an open source Web application (which means a software whose source code and job creations are accessible to all) and whose principle is based on the web design of e-commerce sites.

Now available in more than 160 countries, 63 languages and used by more than 250,000 stores, PrestaShop has established itself as the leading e-commerce site building platforms in the world.

By offering unmatched simplicity and flexibility of use, PrestaShop allows you to manage a catalog of thousands of article for free.

We’ve identified the 6 reasons why PrestaShop is an excellent solution when you want to create and design your e-commerce website.

Ease of use

Ease of use is one of the key elements of PrestaShop in regards to web design. Upon installation, the quality of service offered by PrestaShop is obvious, especially with the recent redesign of “back office” making the admin interface nicer to handle.

The management of the integrated catalog allows PrestaShop to be intuitive and intelligent in the way they manage products, categories, different ranges and also stocks etc.

The platform does not require extensive technical expertise and allows everyone to create a successful website while enjoying a simple and accessible service.

Simple customization for your web design

One of the main advantages of PrestaShop lies in the countless themes and models offered.

With a community of 400,000 contributors, the customizable themes are accessible even to those who are less comfortable with the tool. Indeed, you can easily improve the general design of the site (colors, fonts etc.) whenever you want.

Moreover, PrestaShop offers a range of extensions allowing for greater customization of your e-commerce website. These extensions allow you, among other things, to integrate features like flash sales, discussion forums, and an online chat system. It also even allows for text messages to be sent out automatically after customers make a purchase etc.

These solutions enable you to offer the most intuitive and smooth user experience for your shoppers.

Responsive design solution for web design

Mobile commerce (or “m-commerce”) is a market whose growth is increasing rapidly. It has undeniably taken a very important place in the world of e-commerce and is a factor to not overlook when creating a website.

The increasingly declination of the importance of screen resolutions requires site publishers to adapt. Fortunately for you, PrestaShop offers a technology called “Responsive Design” and incorporates an optimized mobile cart that allows users to navigate your site and make purchases from any mobile device.

The administrator and user interfaces are also available on mobile so you can access personal information and make changes to any type of mobile support.

A free and safe solution for web design

PrestaShop is a free service based on open source model. In other words, no commission will be carried out for sales and transactions.

When designing your website with PrestaShop, you are the full owner of all your products and your sales.

Similarly, all the modifications and changes made to your site are not limited. All the shops are registered in your name, either in the hosting or domain name.

PrestaShop has no access to your personal data, your company’s data and those of your customers.

Simple management

In addition to the many features previously listed, PrestaShop offers a range of tools to help you manage the design of your e-shop.

This range allows you to use a dashboard consisting of figures and graphs, which let you managing all the statistics in your shop and make any changes necessary.

To sum it all up: PrestaShop integrates a free, alternative, intelligent and intuitive solution to conventional business software.

Full service help

Another reason why PrestaShop is so popular can be explained with the ease and availability to ask for on-site help.

On the PrestaShop site there are many documents detailing all helpful elements and correct use of the software

The assistance given to you comes from PrestaShop advisors, professional web design, but also comes from regular users and software contributors on the dedicated forums.

The after-sales service is also available online anytime, as well as by telephone service, which provides answers to all your questions as well as offering paid training.


PrestaShop is a great solution for your e-commerce website. But is it the best solution for you? There are lots of questions to ask when designing a website. This is why it is also important to learn about other available CMS.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 514 572 7758 or via our contact form if you would talk to an expert who will answer all your questions.

Maxence Pezzetta
Cofondateur et Spécialiste Web Marketing et acquisition de clients Diplômé d’une double Maîtrise en Marketing et Communication, Max cumule plus de 10 ans d’expérience en Marketing digital. Ancien employé de Microsoft, sa mission est de « mettre le Web à la portée de tous » pour aider les entreprises à améliorer leur présence en ligne.
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