Web marketing for dentists: Yes, even dentists need web marketing!

27 September 2023 Maxence Pezzetta
Web Marketing pour dentiste||

Discover the ins and outs of web marketing for dentists. In the digital age, every business (small or large) must have an online presence (and dentists are no exception!).

You might think that everyone chooses the dentist nearest to their house, however more and more people are willing to travel much further to be seen by a dentist they trust. People do not hesitate to change provider if the service is not excellent.

Dentists now have a duty to improve their image by implementing a web marketing strategy in order to find and attract new patients.

A website to market your image

The first step in any web marketing strategy is to create a website to promote your image. Indeed, it is through your website that you can really communicate with your potential customers and convince them to make an appointment. Your website should describe your services, if possible your prices, and show what distinguishes you from other dentists (the technology you use, your customer advice and services etc.) as well as your preferred customers (children, adults, the elderly etc.). So choose your clients, so to speak, and allow your site take care of your image problem.

You can even use your site as a tool for making appointments with the integration of a schedule where people can book an appointment automatically; thus reducing the workload of your secretary. It can also allow you to not miss any opportunity as people can book a consultation even if the office is currently closed.

Customer dentist reviews

Amazon and eBay have launched a movement regarding online purchases, and people tend to increasingly rely on customer reviews rather than the brand or product image when shopping. This habit has spread to all consumers’ choice patterns, so it is logical that it affects all customer service businesses.

When people seek the services of a professional (restaurant, lawyer, dentist, florist, etc.), they will put more importance on the reviews written by customers when making their own decisions:


web-marketing-dentistes-avis-googleSo you need to obtain the most customer reviews as possible to assure that those customers who do not know you are encouraged to contact you.

Advertising on Google AdWords

As you can see from the screenshot below, many dentists understand the importance of their Google AdWords Web Marketing Strategy. They therefore invest a lot of money to appear in the top search results for keywords such as ” Montreal Dentists ” allowing people who seek their services to find them easily:

As you can see, the first ad is very well designed (this is partly why it is first):

It indicates the number of dentists available, the fact that the clinic is modern (element to stand out from the competition), experience (30 years), the fact that they use modern equipment (we talked about earlier in this article), their address, and hours of operation! You can see all the information available to users even before they go to the site. Google AdWords advertising is definitely a good tool to start using.

You can contact us if you want us to put this type of strategy in place for you.

Content that shows your expertise

As you were saying earlier, it is very important to give your visitors relevant content to help build your reputation and convert them into customers. This will also allow you to position yourself on keywords related to the topic you are addressing. For example, you can write an article on “the good hygienic practices recommended by dentists in Montreal” and other content that will help you position yourself on “Montreal Dentist ” in the natural results of Google:

The difference with advertising on Google AdWords (paid search) is that you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. This may seem trivial but when you pay 2 or 3 dollars per click, you can quickly lose a lot of money. In addition, the traffic conversion rate from the (SEO) is generally 40% higher. Here also, do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a tailor-made solution to enhance your listing on Google.

A presence on local directories

SEO on Google has undergone significant development in recent years. With the arrival of mobile interfaces, searches from smartphones have exceeded the volume of searches from ordinary computers to the point that Google also has had to adjust its search results.

Today there is an increased localization of SEO since local people who type “dentist” on Google expect to see a list of dentists located close to them:

It is therefore important to be present in local directories and tools such as Google Maps to attract qualified traffic to your website.

We hope to have given you useful information on web marketing, in order to peek your interest further. Every day, hundreds of people are looking for your services on the web, help them find you easily!

Do not hesitate to contact us at 514 572 7758 or via our contact form if you would like to talk to an experts who will answer all your questions.

Maxence Pezzetta
Cofondateur et Spécialiste Web Marketing et acquisition de clients Diplômé d’une double Maîtrise en Marketing et Communication, Max cumule plus de 10 ans d’expérience en Marketing digital. Ancien employé de Microsoft, sa mission est de « mettre le Web à la portée de tous » pour aider les entreprises à améliorer leur présence en ligne.
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