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Boost your conversions by sending responsive web design emails!

Last update : 25 November 2020

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Mobile support continues to grow in the field of corporate communication. Although many “experts” in online advertising advocate for the end of long-term email marketing campaigns, it seems that mobile devices give this type of marketing a boost, as emails are starting to gradually migrate to a predominantly mobile audience. In this article, we’ll look at a simple way to make your marketing emails use responsive web design so that they’ll properly display on any screen size. We will also take the opportunity to review some simple ways to increase your opening rate and your chance of conversions in terms of marketing emails.

1 / Internet user habits have evolved

Today, most Internet users have a smartphone, and some even adapt their Internet usage according to the device they use. Indeed, a computer is more often used to carry out “long” searches, for education purposes, or to carry out purchases; whereas the mobile devices are used for more “simple” searches, to check email inboxes (ah ha!), to follow the news, or to play games (Candy Crush, if you will…). It therefore makes sense to target your email marketing strategy using mobile support as Internet users often check their emails when they are trying to “pass the time” (transport, queues, lunch breaks etc.).

So, it’s necessary to adapt your emails according to the schedules of your target audience by privileging the moments when they are most likely to be available to receive your message. We have grouped together three time slots during which the general population is most likely to check their emails:

● Between 7:00am-9:00am: During the commute to the office and even once arrived (for those who do not want to get straight to work).

● Between Noon-2pm: During lunch. Here again your target will be more receptive as they will most likely be checking their personal emails in search of interesting information.

● After 6pm: Back home from their commute. However, this schedule should be considered with caution as your target’s attention level may be lower compared to the first two time-slots. Indeed, your Internet users will probably not click on your email if they have just spent 8 hours in front of a screen and are beginning to get a headache.

2 / Send your marketing emails using responsive web design

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter: There are simple and free ways to send your emails using responsive web design. You will however need some knowledge in HTML and CSS but nothing too crazy. To do this, simply search for sites that offer email templates that you can personalize. To give you some examples, the following sites offer easily customizable templates:, Campaign Monitor, Campaigner.

Templates download to a zip file where you will find a CSS folder and an HTML file. The only difficulty is to copy the styles of the CSS file between the <head> and </ head> tags of your HTML code using a text editor like Notepad. Then you only have to personalize your email by adding your images, your text, and your links.

An overview of what you can get can be found: HERE

However, compatibility issues persist between the 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions of Outlook messaging, including the margins. It can therefore be useful to test your email on several platforms to have an idea of the how your emails will be displayed before your massive campaign.

3 / Adapt your message as well

Adapting your email marketing campaign to all screen sizes by using responsive web design is actually an excellent way to boost your conversions. On the other hand, you will also need to adapt the way you present your message. For example, the desktop version of your email allows you to display higher-resolution images by playing with the widths in particular, while on the mobile version you will have to provide images that are less heavy and more narrow to reduce the loading time of your email.

On Desktop


On Mobile



Having your marketing emails use responsive web design and tailoring the organization of your content depending on the device used by your target will require twice as much time as when you send an email adapted to desktops screens only. On the other hand, it’s well worth the effort if you notice that email opening rates increase considerably. Above all, it is the first email model that will take the most time, as the experience you gain will allow you to have the right reflexes/intuition regarding the devices you want to adapt your email campaigns to.

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