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New technologies (artificial intelligence software for homes)

Artificial intelligence in your home!

Results obtained

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78% increase in organic traffic over a 9-month period

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120% increase in overall site traffic over a 9-month period

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110% increase in lead volume

0 $

560,000 in additional sales compared to the previous year

The client’s name is not disclosed for reasons of confidentiality.


  1. Increase the volume of leads (calls and contact forms) generated via the website
  2. Position the customer as the reference in the field of intelligence homes


Anyone who wants to equip their home with the latest technologies (lighting, heating, sound, etc.)



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Strategy implemented and results achieved

strategy deployed:


Although the technological solutions offered by our client are extremely useful for those who want to improve their comfort and save electricity, their solutions were not affordable for all budgets. The main problem we encountered was to attract the right traffic to the customer’s website, i.e. customers who could really afford this type of solution and not just curious people. In order to protect itself from its competitors and since the customer offers custom solutions, the prices could not be displayed on the site. We therefore had to be resourceful in order to write clear messages that encouraged contact but still targeted a specific clientele.

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