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Mirror, mirror, on the wall!

results obtained

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26% additional traffic during the first 3 months

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17% more sales on the online store in the first 6 months

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1724 Facebook followers acquired in less than 6 months

The client’s name is not disclosed for reasons of confidentiality.


  1. Increase the client’s market share
  2. Increase sales in the online shop
  3. Generate traffic to the various physical stores


Women aged 16 to 45 who want healthier skin.



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strategy implemented and results achieved

strategy deployed:


The cosmetics sector is a very competitive sector and some major players are willing to invest major resources to increase their market share. Our client already had a good brand image with their customers, but their lack of online presence due to budgetary constraints did not allow them to ensure the targeted growth. We therefore carried out an in-depth study of the competition so that we could identify a way to differentiate it without having to spend millions on web marketing. With unique messages and tight management of each expense, we were able to get online sales off the ground, allowing us to accumulate an additional web marketing budget to implement new actions.

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