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My Little Big Web is a team of SEO content writers in Montreal dedicated to developing an inbound content marketing strategy that increases your search traffic and generates leads.

What is SEO content writing and why is it important?

An SEO content agency specializes in writing high value-added content for your visitors. The ultimate goal is to improve your online visibility, increase traffic to your website and convert your visitors into customers.

SEO content services include blog posts, website pages, newsletters, marketing emails, white papers and anything else that might be of interest to your audience. For an inbound content marketing strategy to be effective, all content must be tightly interwoven. For example, your blog posts should be shared both in your newsletter and on your social networks.

Your website’s service pages should be seamlessly connected to your overall content marketing strategy. This helps to demonstrate the cohesiveness of your content and encourages visitors to spend more time exploring your website.

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Do you need SEO writing services?


Is your SEO lagging behind the competition?

Content writing is the cornerstone of a good SEO strategy. If you want to improve your Google rankings, it’s in your best interest to produce quality content. You need to make sure you’re sending the right message to the right audience at the right time. Each piece of content should have a clear objective (to inform, to convert, to answer a question).


Do you have experienced in-house copywriters?

Digital content writing is a profession in itself. It’s not enough to master the topic or write great content. You need to research the keywords you want to rank for, analyze who is leading the pack on Google, how they got there, and how we can do a better job of getting Google to rank YOUR content.


Can you write in-house content on time and on a regular basis?

Consistency is key when starting an SEO content strategy. It’s not something to be done “when you’ve got the time”. Working with an SEO copywriting agency like My Little Big Web guarantees that the work will be done professionally and on schedule.


Are you familiar with content writing techniques that generate engagement?

As explained above, there are rules to copywriting that you need to know if you want to achieve strategic positions on Google. Whether it’s to attract qualified leads, improve your SEO or develop your social media presence, your content needs to be designed with engagement in mind.


Can you align your content strategy with your business objectives?

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to generate qualified leads and sales. Depending on the volume of sales you’re aiming for and the services/products you want to promote, your copywriting efforts need to be adapted. You need to create a self-sustaining content production pipeline that effectively communicates with your target audience.

Our SEO content writing and content marketing services

SEO content creation

SEO copywriting is as much about writing your blog posts as it is about developing your service pages, product sheets and guest articles (on third-party websites). Your copywriting strategy is designed to increase your brand awareness and search engine rankings. Our team of SEO copywriters creates an editorial calendar at the start of the project and adapts the content to meet the defined editorial guidelines and create impactful content.

Content optimization

Our SEO content agency offers a range of services to ensure that your content is not only of the highest quality but also optimized for better visibility on Google. We can help optimize title tags, meta descriptions, and even images. If necessary, we can also assist with rewriting the content for better optimization.

Social media content

Social media has the potential to boost your exposure to potential customers who are a good fit for your business. To make the most of this opportunity, it is important to create high-quality content that is specifically designed for each social media platform. The writer should have a distinct writing style, adjust the content strategy according to the platform’s standards, establish a schedule for publishing content, and maintain a professional tone to effectively target potential customers.

Our content writing agency’s work process


Analysis and research

The initial phase involves evaluating your existing content strategy and examining the strategies of your competitors. This analysis will uncover potential areas for growth and help define your editorial guidelines and strategy. Every competitor possesses unique advantages and disadvantages. Our SEO agency‘s objective is to identify and leverage these strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance your online visibility.


Content planning and scheduling

Our copywriters plan content months ahead of schedule to set precise goals and have enough content to produce for a long timeline. We create a calendar of the topics to be written (or translated) and define the SEO metadata of each piece of content before launching production.


Content writing and revision

You have the opportunity to review every piece of content written by our team. You can also provide us with sample content if you’d like the copywriter to take inspiration from your brand guidelines. If you’d like to be more involved in shaping your content marketing strategy, you can also provide us with content to be optimized for search engines.


Delivery and follow-up

Every piece of content we write for you is regularly tracked as part of the SEO packages we offer. We can tell you how many visitors, leads or Google rankings we’ve gained as a result of writing or translating a particular piece of content. This lets you track SEO performance and measure your return on investment for our content writing services.

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Why hire our content marketing agency to write your content?

Certified copywriting experts

Our SEO content writers are required to update their certifications every year and keep up to date with the latest SEO trends to guarantee the best possible results for our customers. With the rise of artificial intelligence, Google keeps a close eye on web copywriting practices to verify that the content written meets their quality guidelines.

Expertise in writing SEO content across multiple industries

Our content writing experts can write for most industries. How do we do it? Simply by analyzing the content that’s already ranking and identifying the topics that most appeal to your audience. The key factor lies in our ability to comprehend and extract valuable insights from the material we read, allowing us to develop compelling topics for your audience and Google.

Results-driven content writing

Our team of content writers are highly skilled in SEO. This means that every piece of content we produce has a clear purpose, whether it’s improving your Google ranking, converting visitors into customers, promoting your services, or providing education. Additionally, we implement tracking tools to monitor your SEO visibility.

Montreal-based SEO writing services

We know the Quebec market inside out, having worked with Quebec companies since 2013. All the agency’s copywriters are employed and work from our head office in Montreal (no freelancers, contractors in Madagascar or other offshore subcontractors).

Our clients say it best

I am satisfied with the SEO services. I’ve relied on the team for 4 or 5 years. I’ve always appreciated the service. Every year our site gets bigger and stronger. I don’t think I have anything to do with it; it’s really you who do it! I really feel that Marie (who works on my case) really wants to help me and is interested in the site. So yes, the results are there and it’s worth it.

Guillaume Tremblay Real Estate Broker, RE/Max

Honestly, it always goes well. Communications are effective. The quality of the work (texts, visuals) meets my standards. I also appreciate the team’s proactivity when there’s a problem on our side (like our server crashing, at one point). It saved me a lot of trouble to have you flag the issue so that I could then take steps on my own to fix it. I appreciate this type of collaborative partnership.

Alexandre Chevalier Seguin Marketing Director, Chevalier Seguin

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Content writing FAQs

How can your copywriting agency write content about an industry it is not familiar with?

Our web content writers are skilled in conducting web research, assessing the credibility of information, and utilizing it to create unique and high-quality content. While they may not become industry experts like you, they excel in effectively conveying the important concepts of your industry to reach as many potential customers as possible.

At My Little Big Web, our content writers don’t write for you or a select group of industry experts (who are often your competitors) with in-depth knowledge of specific topics. Instead, our copywriters focus on writing for your customers (and also a bit for Google 😊) by providing them with valuable information on easy-to-understand subjects. The objective is to help you rank high in search results for relevant keywords and ensure that your articles are read and comprehended. So, there’s no need to tackle overly complex topics.

Can I approve the content before it goes online?

Of course, it is strongly recommended that we collaborate closely on the content. As mentioned earlier, our copywriters may not be experts in your industry, so they may require some assistance from you, especially if your business is complex.

While our writers can handle around 90% of the writing, your input is essential to ensure everything is accurate. If you have multiple texts for us to write, we’ll send you the first piece for review to make sure it aligns with your preferences and represents your writing style.

After receiving your feedback, our writers will continue their work and submit each text to you for approval. If you prefer not to review each text individually, we can publish them as they are and make edits afterwards.

How does content writing improve my digital marketing strategy?

It’s really important to understand the difference between a copywriting agency (or a freelancer) that focuses solely on content writing, and a web agency that includes content writing as part of its overall services (like My Little Big Web). SEO content writing isn’t just something for show – it’s actually a marketing technique that helps you build your online presence. If you’re looking to boost your digital marketing strategy, make sure your copywriting agency takes SEO into consideration, at the very least.

The great thing about working with a web copywriting agency is that you get access to additional expertise and analytical tools that you might not be familiar with. Our content marketing agency, for example, uses different tools to identify the best keywords and monthly search volume before we even start writing. And once the content goes live, we track its performance on a monthly basis to make sure it’s bringing in the right amount of traffic and conversions.

What’s the difference between general copywriting and SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is all about catering to the search intentions of people online. Let’s take the example of someone who needs a general contractor for some work. They’ll most likely search for “general contractor” on Google. The initial results that pop up are usually Google Ads, followed by organic results.

But how exactly do the professionals who make it onto the first page of Google for such a competitive keyword manage to do so? Well, they create a variety of content centered around that keyword. The more general and competitive the keyword, the harder the copywriting agency has to work to build an effective content strategy. This includes things like internal linking, link building, and writing blog posts.

On the other hand, general copywriting doesn’t really consider these SEO limitations. Its main aim is to provide information on a specific topic, without necessarily focusing on performing well in search engines or on a particular platform. For instance, the content written in our portfolio section is general in nature. We don’t have the goal of ranking those pages on Google. Instead, we use that space to showcase our past services and the professionals we’ve collaborated with, without seeking any specific ranking on any particular platform.

How does a content writing agency guarantee the quality of the content produced?

Our SEO copywriters always do thorough research before writing about a specific topic to make sure we provide you with top-quality information. Our content agency’s main objective is to get you to the top of search results or even surpass your competitors. That’s why we concentrate on your company and collaborate with you to ensure the information we communicate is of the highest quality.

Once our content editors finish their work, they will send you the text for your validation. Feel free to make changes if you’d like before we publish it.

What is the advantage of a content agency over in-house copywriters?

There are plenty of perks to working with an SEO content writing agency instead of hiring an in-house or freelance writer. First off, our content writers are SEO experts through and through – it’s their bread and butter. Secondly, they’re not lone wolves; they’re part of a team. This means they can tap into the collective knowledge and skills of their colleagues to take your content to the next level (unlike a freelancer who flies solo).

Lastly, if you hire someone in-house, chances are they won’t have enough content writing and translation work to keep them busy all the time. So, naturally, you’ll want to assign them other tasks to make the most of their time (which is totally understandable). But here’s the catch – they might end up with less time to focus on content writing or even ditch it altogether for projects that pique their interest more.

How does your content agency tailor the tone and style of the content to my brand?

Our content writing agency has various methods to tailor your content’s writing and style to match your brand. Firstly, we analyze your previous writing to gain insights. Secondly, we request examples of texts that you believe align with the brand image you want to convey, whether it’s from competitors or other industry websites.

To ensure our copywriters grasp the appropriate language and tone, some initial fine-tuning may be necessary for the content writing. Since you’ll be working with the same content writer throughout our collaboration, the learning curve and editorial adjustments are quick.

Does your copywriting agency offer proofreading and editing services?

Sure thing! Our copywriting agency has got you covered with proofreading, editing, and copywriting services. We often get requests for guidance on website redesigns and SEO strategies.

But here’s the deal: it’s crucial to set clear boundaries for proofreading or revising, so we don’t end up completely rewriting your content (because sometimes, it’s a fine line between the two).

How much do your content writing services cost?

The cost of SEO content writing services depends on factors such as the amount of text needed, deadlines, complexity of topics, and the type of support you need. This could include web copywriting for a website redesign, SEO copywriting and translation in a monthly package, one-off SEO copywriting assignments, or creating a complete editorial calendar.

It’s important to understand the difference between simple copywriting and SEO content writing. With copywriting, the focus is on writing the content without any keyword research or competitor analysis. On the other hand, SEO content writing involves working with you to analyze relevant keywords, assess your current rankings compared to competitors, and develop an editorial strategy to improve your rankings.

Prices for SEO content writing services can range from $250 to $675 per article, depending on the specific service you require.

How can copywriting help improve my site’s search engine rankings (SEO)?

Content plays a crucial role in a solid SEO strategy. Why? Because Google ranks a website’s pages based on their content and how well it’s written. SEO writing is all about creating content that appeals to search engines. However, writing for a blog post is different from writing a brochure or news article. Each platform has its own set of rules.

When you’re writing for search engines, especially Google, it’s essential to conduct keyword research beforehand. This helps you identify the keywords your page should target. By strategically incorporating these keywords, you can convince Google to display your page instead of your competitors’.

Does your content agency offer writing services in different languages?

Our content agency offers content writing services in French and English.

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