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COVID-19: Some Examples of Good Web Marketing Practices

Last update : 25 November 2020

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Over the past few weeks, companies around the world have been adapting their marketing strategies to the new environment and encouraging good practices during the coronavirus crisis. Free online services, social initiatives and many innovative measures have been implemented by various companies across the country.

In this article, the My Little Big Web team presents some examples of creative web marketing initiatives that local businesses have taken to adapt to the current period of crisis.

Responsible web marketing actions to promote safety for everyone

In times of pandemic, it is important that businesses and influencers take responsibility for promoting public health and safety. Some even felt it was responsible, even necessary, to voluntarily suspend some of their services and use web marketing to encourage people to adopt healthy behaviours, even if it could affect their sales.

Protecting customers and employees

A few organizations found that limiting their services or discontinuing certain practices they had implemented was a responsible solution to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

For example, Les Vols d’Alexi, a platform listing the best airfares online, has temporarily suspended its service to discourage people from flying or travelling.



This is a genuinely social action, considering that travel is the reason this small business makes a living! Canada Post also wants to protect its customers and employees from the spread of the virus by no longer requiring a signature upon receipt of a package.

Discourage irresponsible and reckless behaviour

The fear of having to remain in quarantine for a long time can lead to extreme behaviour. In recent weeks, several big-box stores have seen their stocks of toilet paper, face masks and antibacterial gels being completely raided by consumers. After ill-intentioned individuals offered some of these items for sale at inflated prices, Kijiji decided to implement specific measures. Until further notice, all listings related to COVID-19 will be banned from the platform.


Kijiji Coronavirus Message

Fun and entertainment more accessible than ever online

With preventive measures such as the ban on gatherings of more than 250 people in Quebec, it has become difficult for some institutions accustomed to welcoming the public into their facilities to get through this crisis without changing their practices.

Some of them, who may be greatly affected by these strict rules, have nevertheless decided to respect them, and even to support them, by adapting their services for the web in order to prevent people from leaving their homes. These companies benefit from good publicity by promoting themselves on social media, in addition to bringing comfort to people who are isolated at home.


Promoting exercise online

One activity that many people will certainly miss is going to the gym. With temperatures still too cold to exercise outside and gyms closed to the public, some companies have taken the opportunity to offer online classes for people stuck at home.

For example, Espace Rose Buddha in Montreal will offer online yoga classes for a small fee and the MissFit gym in Laval has tested a first virtual class for its members so they can continue to offer quality service, even at a distance.


A show in the comfort of your living room

Much to people’s dismay, the vast majority of shows and concerts that were scheduled to take place in March had to be cancelled or postponed in order to avoid excessively large gatherings.

However, many artists have decided to use social networks to share their art with the world. Sugar Sammy decided to broadcast his comedy show live on Facebook, reaching 30,000 people! Another initiative of the World Health Organization and Global Citizen called “Together, At Home” will feature a small concert by a well-known artist on Instagram, such as Chris Martin and John Legend. These initiatives are greatly appreciated by all those who practice social distancing.



Distance learning, not just for students!

For those who have been in quarantine for several days, the ideas for activities to be done in isolation will be exhausted fairly quickly. Montreal-based Cook It, which usually offers a subscription service for ready-to-cook boxes, has chosen to organize online cooking classes for children, not only to entertain them, but also to teach them how to cook and eat better. The Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert, which had to be cancelled due to the epidemic, decided to offer its cooking talks and demonstrations online. Offering these services gives these organizations a little advertising and brings a little happiness into people’s lives!


Supporting workers by promoting online services

Social distancing advocated by the authorities forces many people to stop going to work or, if they are luckier, to work from home. In response to this situation, some companies have decided to provide support to all individuals who either have to live temporarily without pay or have to pay out of their own pocket to work from home.


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Culinary outreach in Trois-Rivières

As a result of the government’s restrictive measures, restaurants are seeing a significant drop in patronage. In Trois-Rivières, several local restaurants have joined forces to offer an online gift card purchasing service. This is a way for residents to financially support their favourite restaurants without having to travel!


Measures to encourage working from home

Not all companies can necessarily afford to pay for an online service that facilitates work from home. In a gesture of generosity in the face of the coronavirus, the company Visiotalent is making its live video service available free of charge to companies to encourage teleworking for their employees. Vidéotron, one of Quebec’s leading Internet service providers, has also done a fine deed by removing its users’ Internet data limitations to promote teleworking.

Ingenious, generous, but above all responsible web marketing

In short, the COVID-19 virus crisis has prompted several companies to adapt their web marketing to the current circumstances. Several novel initiatives have been developed to promote social responsibility and support, in one way or another, individuals in quarantine.

If your business is affected by the restrictive measures at this time, take inspiration from these clever marketing strategies that could help you promote your company and do a good deed at the same time. Want more tips on web marketing? Feel free to contact us!


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