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Create a Google My Business page to boost your local SEO

Last update : 23 November 2020

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Google My Business has become an essential tool for all companies who wish to improve their local SEO. In fact, Google has once again managed to give Internet users and businesses a way to look up more information about a company via a specific page that appears very clearly in the search results.

In this article I will explain the benefits of Google My Business and how it can help improve your local SEO.

Google my Business brings you local traffic

SEO is constantly evolving and is becoming more and more local. This means Internet users will find businesses closer to them when they conduct their searches. As mobile traffic has surpassed regular computer traffic, browsing habits have completely changed and SEO specialists must adapt their techniques to this new trend.

You have to ensure that nearby customers who are looking for your services can easily find your business. By creating a Google My Business account you will be asked to provide your companies address, which will allow Google and Internet users to locate you easily. The cherry on top? You will even be able to show up on Google Maps, which is perfect for your local SEO. Isn’t life great!?


Speaking of Google Maps, I am betting that before long Internet users will directly search for things on Google Maps, like this they can simply click (or press) on “directions” to find the closest business.

With Google My Business you have a free and easy way to put your business on one other most popular maps in the world, so make sure not to miss out on this opportunity! Today everyone needs web marketing (see our posts “web marketing for lawyers” or “web marketing for dentists” for more details.) 

Post information about your business for a better local SEO

Another advantage of creating a Google My Business page is that you can show photos of your business, hours of operation, your phone number and address (obviously) but also reviews that customers have written about your business. I insist on this last point (customer reviews) as they are increasingly taken into account by Internet users. When looking at their consumption habits, these reviews have a huge influence.

Let’s take Amazon for example, when we look at the 5 star evaluation system left by users ranking price, brand or even product features, we see that the opinions of other consumers have a significant influence on all purchasing habits.


Personally, I am the type of customer who asks for references or at least does some background investigation on the services offered by a business, even before contacting them.

For example, a restaurant with very good customer reviews and a good local SEO will catch my attention and peak my interest more so than an average restaurant with no customer reviews (and I don’t think I am the only one who thinks like this).

It is therefore very important that you encourage your clients to leave you feedback and reviews about your services so as to gain credibility with other potential customers, and also with Google who will see that your Google My Business page is up- to-date. 


The purpose of this article, you guessed it, is to make you aware of the importance of creating and maintaining your Google My Business page to help improve your local SEO.

Local SEO has become essential for any business that wants to stand out on the Internet. If you don’t have the time to look up local SEO strategies, or if you’d like to do business with SEO experts, don’t hesitate to contacts us at 514 572 7758 or via our contact form if you’d like to talk to speak with an expert who can answer all your questions


Co-founder and SEO-SEM Specialist

Eugénie began her web marketing career at Microsoft with partners that included Hewlett-Packard and Dell. In 2013, she co-founded My Little Big Web with Maxence to help SMBs optimize their web marketing. Her SEO, online advertising and user experience skills help My Little Big Web's clients quickly and lastingly rank at the top of search results. Since she is committed to sharing knowledge, she teaches many internal and external workshops and gives talks on various topics related to digital marketing.

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