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Why create your own online store ?


To increase your sales with ecommerce

Unlike a physical store, an online store doesn’t have constraints on storage for your product displays or floor space available to accommodate customers. Each customer is autonomous, they don’t have to wait in line for their turn to pay and they don’t even have to leave their home to buy your products, greatly helping increase your sales volume.


To increase your profit margin

Here are all the added fees and charges an online store avoids compared to a physical store: rent, cleaning costs, alarm systems, cashiers, supplies, furniture, etc. With an Ecommerce website, you lower your fixed costs and break-even point.


To extend your target market

With an online store design, you can easily target an entire region or country without the need for multiple points of sale! Ecommerce is global and you can reach as many customers as you want.


Ecommerce is open 24/7

An online store is open for business 24/7 and will inevitably increase turnover compared to a physical shop that must comply with various rules and constraints regarding opening hours. You can simply check your email in the morning and see how many sales you made overnight.

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How we design our little big online stores

Our online store design method

As with all the services we offer, we design your online store in a 100% tailored manner so that it perfectly reflects the image you want to convey to your clients. On the basis of Ecommerce websites that you like, and other web stores you don’t like, our programming and web design teams will create an online store that fits your tastes and expectations. You will also be able to add/modify the content of your Ecommerce website without the need to contact us or pay any additional fees.

Good positioning on google

Our UX design and SEO specialists will also lend their support throughout your Ecommerce website creation process to ensure that all the Google best practices are respected. In effect, it’s important to think about SEO and how you want your online store visitors to interact with your site before or during the design phase. We will also implement all tracking codes so that you can collect and analyze user data in real-time.

Online store creation vs a physical store

Creating an online store has the great advantage of providing you with very precise analytical data about your customers: the number of monthly visits to your Ecommerce website, the time your visitors spend shopping, the pages/articles viewed, the best sources of traffic, the number of people that make a purchase and more. For a retailer with a physical store, obtaining this type of information is often very expensive while analyzing the same data is totally free in the case of an online store!

An additional source of income

The creation of an online store can also complement a physical store by targeting a wider geographic customer base or allowing people with travel aversion to buy your products. You can also invest in online advertising (often better targeting your audience than traditional advertising) to attract traffic to both your Ecommerce website and your various physical outlets.

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Little big testimonials

  • A BIG THANKS to the team at My Little Big Web for such a beautiful website.

    The team really listened to my input, and was quite responsive and efficient throughout the entire process.

    I have absolutely no regrets in my choice of your agency, as you gave me exactly what I wanted; all with impeccable service 🙂

    Laura Belfadla
    Laura Belfadla Académie Végétale
  • Thanks to all the My Little Big Web team for the professional design of our internet website.

    The work was done quickly and thoroughly.

    Marc Fleury
    Marc Fleury Founder of Biologiste MFleury
  • Thanks to MLBW for your support, your creativity, your professionalism and your dynamic teamwork throughout our experience with you.

    This was a great progression for us.

    We recommend it to everyone, whether professionals or amateurs!


    Maxime Bélisle
    Maxime Bélisle Founder of

Before setting up your online store, we offer you training that enables you to manage your site independently; at my little big web, no time commitments, no hidden costs, no dependency, you are 100% free and the owner of your ecommerce website! don’t wait any longer, contact us to start designing your online store or continue browsing our showcase website page.

Your online shop project starts with an idea… We’ll bring the idea to life by combining technology with know-how.