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E-commerce website design

Why design your online store with My little big web?

Proven expertise

My Little Big Web has designed more than a hundred online stores with a level of quality that has made our e-commerce website design agency a leader in Montreal. You can consult our portfolio to see our various creations as well as our testimonials page to read the various comments left by our clients.


We want our customers to be autonomous when designing their online shop so they don't have to worry about contacting us whenever they want to make changes to their e-commerce website. That's why we design our online shops using WordPress or Shopify and provide you with training before delivering your online store.

100% personalized stores

At My Little Big Web, there are no limits to the design and functionality of your online store. Our teams of developers and graphic designers will build layouts and solutions based on your expressed needs. We will also provide you with a user experience and web analytics specialist who makes sure that the online store achieves your goals.

A full range of services

Besides being experts in e-commerce website design, we also specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertising and web content writing. This means that you don't need to coordinate multiple vendors if you want an all-in-one solution. Moreover, your online store will be designed with your future traffic growth needs in mind and we ensure that your store is optimized from the moment it launches.

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How we design our little big e-commerce websites

Brand-tailored online stores

As we mentioned above, we create your online shop in a 100% personalized fashion to perfectly reflect the brand image you want your customers to see. Starting from examples of e-commerce websites that you like and other stores that you don’t, our e-commerce developers and web designers will create your shop based on your tastes and expectations. Your e-commerce website should mirror your brand. That’s why we always start our projects with a call or meeting where you can share your story and vision.

Google-friendly e-commerce shops

Our User Experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists will also support you throughout the process of creating your e-commerce store so that all the standards recommended by Google are respected. After all, it is important to consider SEO and how you want your online store visitors to behave once they land on your website. We also implement all the tracking codes you need to collect and analyze your customer data in real time. We can even take care of copywriting and translation if that’s not your thing.

Stand out against the competition

The first step to creating a great online store is to analyze what others are doing and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Do you like the My Little Big Web site for its originality, humanity and values? We appreciate it. We did the same work for ourselves in order to stand out and convey our values (creativity, rigour, humility, fun). We will analyze your competitors and adopt best practices while addressing their weaknesses to make sure that your online store offers the best user experience to your customers.

With a team of more than 20 experts, My Little Big Web is the Montreal web design agency you need.

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Little big testimonials about our web design agency in montreal

  • I chose to work with the MLB Web team because they know how to recommend the right strategy and explain the key concepts of web marketing to me.

    Maryse Grob
    Maryse Grob President of the French Chamber of Commerce, Quebec Department
  • The collaborators we work with are competent, have real expertise, are available and attentive to our problems and know how to adapt/project themselves into our professional world.

    Sandrine Boisselier
    Sandrine Boisselier Head of Marketing and Digital Communication Department CORPIQ-Kangalou
  • Highly professional team. Their services are clear and detailed. I received the best UX analysis I have ever seen from them. I recommend them without any hesitation.

    Steve Racine
    Steve Racine CEO of Soin CV

Our little big web design customer references

PME Montréal
Mission 100 tonnes
Centre de prévention de la radicalisation menant à la violence
Centre Action
Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité
Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal Fondation
Velvet Management
Tourisme Gaspésie
Banque National
Remax Dynamique
L'agence Web à Montréal qui fait décoller votre présence Web

Your wordpress design project starts with an idea…
we’ll bring the idea to life by combining technology and expertise !

E-commerce website design faq

Our prices start at $4,000 and that includes a lot! To avoid revealing our entire offer to potential competitors who might visit our site (hello competitors if you read this 😊), we encourage you to contact us for more details. One thing is certain, all the online stores we design are custom made from elements you provide us with that we will discuss during the start-up call or meeting. It’s also important to note that there are many things to consider when designing your online store. For example, are you going to provide us with a logo, content, images or do you want us create everything from scratch? This may seem like a minor detail but creating a logo, writing content and sourcing images takes time and this time has to be planned ahead when we design your online store. We can discuss this in more detail when you contact us.

Absolutely. We only design our clients’ online shops via content management platforms such as WordPress or Shopify. These online shop creation platforms have the enormous advantage of being intuitive and sufficiently “open” to ensure complete autonomy (WordPress a little more than Shopify in our opinion). Before we deliver your online store, we will provide you with training to show you everything you can do and edit on your site (adding or deleting pages, products, photos, videos, blog posts etc.).

The only thing we ask is that you refrain from making any changes to your advertising campaigns in order to avoid mistakes being made and the expert working with you having to start all over again.

No. When creating your online shop, we offer you a package deal based on your needs and our previous exchanges. Our quotes are very detailed to cover all aspects of your website design (plugin purchases, design, project management etc.). If you make additional requests during the course of the project and these do not involve a significant amount of work, there is a good chance that we will offer you these additions (within reason). Once your online store is completed, we can provide hosting and maintenance on our servers or transfer your site to the server of your choice.

With pleasure! There are many ways to help us save time (and therefore lower the cost of creating your online shop) during the design phase of your online store. For example, you can help us to integrate some of the content (once you have received your training) or help us to find images. Throughout the process of creating your shop, you will have to validate a certain number of steps.

The average time to design an online store is 30 to 45 days but this average largely depends on your responsiveness. During the creation phase of your online store, you will have to validate several stages and provide us with certain elements so that we can move forward with the project (validation of the design, content, sending images, etc.). Therefore, if it takes two weeks or more to come back to us on certain elements, the creation of your online store may take longer.

Depending on the complexity of your project, we often recommend using WordPress to design your online store. WordPress allows you to create and manage your online store autonomously without any real limits (apart from your knowledge in web design and programming). WordPress is currently the most widely used website creation platform in the world. As SEO specialists, we believe that designing your online store with WordPress is an advantage because the code is accessible and easily modifiable, unlike custom or less flexible platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Weebly etc.

You can, but you don’t have to. Before we deliver your online shop, we will provide you with training that will allow you to manage your site autonomously. You will learn how to add/remove products, add/remove pages, photos, videos, blog posts, manage your orders, change your prices, display your promotions, etc. If you want to make more significant changes (such as the design or add features), you can also attempt to do it yourself (the only limits are your knowledge), ask a friend or send us the request directly. In this case, we will give you a quote that you will be free to accept.

As many as you like. You can tell us the number of languages you want before we start designing your online shop or you can add more afterwards. There is really no limit on the number of languages. However, we don’t really recommend using automatic translation software, since the translation is often poorly done and this will give your potential customers a bad impression. The best thing to do is take the time to translate each language you want and optimize the content to make sure you appear at the top of the search results (SEO). For this reason, it is perfectly feasible to add more languages gradually.

We need you to give us details about your company, your products, your vision of the design you want to achieve. Every client is different. Some provide us with text and images, others don’t. We don’t have an in-house photographer, so we don’t travel to take pictures of your products. It is therefore important that you have your photos ready. For more “general” photos, we can use stock image banks and edit the photos so that they don’t look like stock images. We don’t need to have all your products or all your content to start the work. All the elements can be sent progressively.