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Focus on French Cinema and My Little Big Web : a winning duo!

Last update : 23 November 2020

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A few words about Focus on French Cinema

Focus on French Cinema is an independent annual festival founded in 2005 in partnership with the French alliance of Greenwich in New York. The mission of Focus on French Cinema is to promote the cultural identity of French films internationally.

Focus on French Cinema also has an educational mission since the festival organizes annually activities for students such as: a panel discussion with the participation of actors, directors and movie professionals; the screening of a film selected for middle school and high school students in the area; or a short film realization workshop for film students from CEGEP and taught by a French director.

Focus on French Cinema encounters My Little Big Web

Like many of our collaborations, we met Focus on French Cinema with a client who wanted to recommend the quality of our work (it’s always pleasant!). It is therefore with great gratitude that we talked with the team of Focus on French Cinema to understand the festival’s universe, the team’s needs and their goal for the website.

A first research enabled us to present the main areas of improvement that we wanted to implement. Focus on French Cinema’s team, having already thought a lot about the project, was aware of the points we talked about, and the implementation of the various proposals was thus facilitated.

Focus on French Cinema’s expectations about the website

The main objective of Focus on French Cinema was to improve the user experience by creating a full website redesign and a better navigation. Indeed, the festival aimed to promote French cinema but the website’s goal was to sell tickets for the festival.

It was therefore important to optimize every element of the website by providing appropriate user experience and ensuring that visitors achieved the action or actions that we were expecting of them. So we offered our different ideas on ergonomics and design based on our previous exchanges with the team.

It is at this specific period that My Little Big Web brought real added value to the project by ensuring synergy between the development hub, the graphic design pole and the user experience pole.

To our delight, the team of Focus on French Cinema immediately validated our initial proposal and expressed their surprise for the quality of the work and especially the speed with which the work was performed. Some minor changes were still made at the request of the team and the project was delivered before the date originally scheduled.

The testimony of Focus on French Cinema

You can express your opinion for this first collaboration, or we can make you a proposal.

To see the website click here:

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