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We thought it would be good to have an FAQ section on our website as some people (including yourself) may be interested in reading it! It is also the best way we’ve found to answer the questions we are most often asked. This list will be updated as new questions are asked. You can also call us or contact us via our contact form if you still can’t find the answer to your question.

The very same people you initially met with + the programmer in charge of your project.

We offer website creation services (HTML5, WordPress, Magento, custom etc), SEO developmentinternet advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, emailing etc.) + all sub-services related to our main activities (content writing, translation, site debugging, maintenance, hosting, consulting, etc.)


Website and mobile applications

Design and programming

Anywhere from $10 to $1,000,000. Everything depends on what you want and who does it. It’s really hard for us to give a price with no background information as we only make custom-made websites. We do not have a “bronze package”, a “silver package” or a “gold package” which contain “precise” characteristics like some web designers offer. We listen to your needs, we answer your questions and we design your website according to your expectations in a 100% customised way. All the sites you can see on our portfolio have been designed from models or sample sites provided by our clients. That is why all our clients’ websites are so different from one another.

Again, it all depends on the features you want your app to have. Mobile applications can range between $5,000 and $50,000. Here too, the easiest way to find out more is to contact us.

Normally between 30 and 45 days on average. In reality, it depends a lot on your responsiveness and what it is exactly that you are asking us to do. If you want a simple corporate showcase website, and you provide us with content and are responsive when we ask you to validate items, the design of your website will be much quicker than if you want a bilingual online store with a content strategy and you take two weeks to provide us with the elements we need to move forward on the project.

The design of a website is important because it reflects the image of your company as well as the values you want to convey. Why do many sites look alike? Because companies do not take the time to look closely into the design of their website. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy … At My Little Big Web; we try to break this conventional pattern of making cookie-cutter websites. This is also why all our sites are unique and are not derived from pre-made models.

Of course! Call us for more details.

Yes, because this influences the experience you offer your visitors and therefore your SEO and conversion rate (reaching your site’s goals) and facilitates navigation on mobile devices.



Yes. You will simply need to give us access to the site and explain exactly what you want us to do.

Yes. We develop your site on our development servers that you have access to in order to follow your site progression. Like this, you can validate certain steps and ask us to make any further modifications you desire.

Yes. All the sites that we develop are adapted to support mobile devices.

Yes. Each project is supervised by a graphic designer, one or two programmers, an SEO specialist and a user experience specialist.

Yes we do. We can host and maintain your site, whether it was created at My Little Big Web or not.

google adwords, facebook ads …

SEO and advertising

Same answer as for the creation of a website. It depends on the time needed on the site to achieve your goals. We know all the practices that can be used to position your site at the top of the search results. There is no magic or secret formula in SEO. It is simply a set of rules to follow in order for Google to consider the content of your site as quality content. We therefore have to create relevant content, organize it well and make sure to obtain good inbound links to your site. To be effective, an SEO strategy takes time. The more time we spend on your site and its SEO, better your results will be.

Between one week and six months. Again, it all depends on what we do and your expected goals. As explained above, SEO takes time, so the more time we spend on optimizing your site for search engines, the more quickly you will see results. You can contact us for a more precise answer once one of our experts has had the time to ask you a few questions.

Yes! The more people we have working on a website, the faster we can get results! We can train you to become more autonomous and thus help you take on some of the work. This will allow you to understand how SEO works a little better and also lets you save on your budget (isn’t life great?)

The price of Internet advertising depends on the platform you use and the competition in your industry. That’s why our goal is to optimize your budget to get the most qualified traffic for a minimum amount of money invested.


More questions?

More answers!!!

Yes. We offer training to all our clients in order to allow them to be more autonomous in their online communication strategy. We also offer group training for companies.

Because our goal is to put the web within everyone’s reach, whether you are little or BIG. As for the fact that we chose an English name despite being in Quebec, we could have named our company “Ma Petite Grosse Toile” or “Mon Petit Gros Web.” Besides the fact that we didn’t like these names at all, using a French name for our company makes it more difficult to export our services internationally. We also didn’t want to have two names (a French version and an English version). My Little Big Web is the name that defines us, as it shows off our wacky and humorous side. My Little Big Web does not fit a specific mould, has no borders and works with all those who love variation, originality and authenticity.

No, they do not work for us. These are photos that we bought and have edited so that they best match with the image of our company, My Little Big Web. However, you can be sure that if one day we cross paths with these people on the street, there will definitely be a photo op!

Do not hesitate to contact us, visit us at our office in montreal or download our brochure for more information on how we can help you.
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