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Google AdWords: the new era of advertising

During the past 17 years, Google has become like a friend with whom we share our lives on a daily basis, one that has contributed enormously to the so-called inter-web (or maybe the ‘Little Big Web’).

Google has worked hard to become a leader in many areas thanks to a multitude of innovations that have changed our habits. Becoming such a web giant, Google has also revolutionized the world of advertising with Google AdWords, a major tool in web marketing.

But what exactly is Google AdWords? What is it used for? And why is it of interest   for Internet users?

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is “THE” advertising system used by Google for its search engine. It allows you to run advertising campaigns based on ad groups taken from your customers’ search terms.

You have the power to choose how you show your online ads, for example on search networks like Google, on the Display network which groups partner sights together, and on mobile applications etc.

The operation of Google AdWords is simple; it is based on an auction system where you can bet money on keywords or phrases in order to position your ad on Google user searches. This system allows you to directly compete with other advertisers who bid on the same keywords as you. This also sets up the maximum price-per-click (PPC), as well as price-per view or even price-per-conversion

Of course, before you start, it is important to identify your keywords.  For this, Google is full of tools that can help you decide on what keywords are best for your ad.

When you start the creation of your Google AdWords campaign, you will have to choose what your goals are. You can start by asking yourself if the objectives are:

  • To attract the largest number of Internet users by collecting important clicks towards your website?
  • To increase the visibility of your brand or your website to users?
  • To convert clicks that lead back to your site by preforming specific actions (filling out a contact form for example)

What are the benefits of Google AdWords?

As I mentioned earlier in this article, Google has worked hard to make our habits evolve and has opened up its advertising platform to all businesses, regardless of their budget, while giving increased flexibility to campaigns. This is what makes Google AdWords very interesting, because it ends the need to go through old media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, posters or any other means of communication to advertise your business. Google AdWords will allow you to specifically target your audience by choosing their interest or even the territory where you want to be seen. The advantage of this advertising 2.0 is to have better control over your monthly investment and, especially, to know your profitability with greater precision.

In summary, Google AdWords is a powerful advertising tool open to everyone which will allow you to put forward your products and services and, especially, to measure the impact of your campaign on the general public.

How much will Google AdWords cost me?

It is very difficult to tell you how much it will cost you to run your advertising campaign on Google AdWords, as each campaign is different; your goal may be to get an important click volume, to highlight your brand, or even to get conversion on a desired action (sale of products, services or completion of a form). However, for each campaign, it is possible to define a maximum daily budget, and with such keyword planning tools you can get an idea of price for the auction you are aiming for.

Is Google AdWords suitable for my business?

Here is an interesting question, to which it is so easy to respond, “Sure, why would it not work for you?” instead of saying “In your place I would not go this route!” As with all auction systems, it is possible to win or lose your bets on a keyword, phrase, or even a desired positioning. It’s all about risk.

And the factors taken into account by Google AdWords to analyze the position of your ad are numerous! Competition on selected keywords, the quality of your ads or the auction price that you bet on will all have an impact on your campaign. But be careful as oftentimes many people expect certain results and completely forget that Google gives great consideration to the quality of your site, the relevance of your content, as well as the attractiveness of your pages … because yes, the pages of your site and the content that you offer to users are the center of the whole universe that is the web. So choose the pages linked to your ads with great care because they allow you to improve your investment on Google AdWords.

In short, yes, Google AdWords is open to all and today it is the best advertising medium for all companies wanting to gain exposure on the web, while having more control on investment budget.

Why go through an expert?

How many of us have embarked on developing a Google AdWords campaign without any knowledge in the field, and how many have abandoned everything because the results were not as we expected? The risk of an AdWords campaign lies in investing your budget without being able to see or know the results. Factors resulting in failure are numerous: it may be the AdWords campaign itself, but also the design of your website, the relevance of your pages, etc. This is why trusting a professional with your Google AdWords campaign is useful to make sure you get the desired results and, especially, to avoid losing money.

To conclude, Google AdWords is nowadays one of the most interesting advertising tools for enhancing and promoting businesses through web marketing. It would be a shame to let pass it you by; but you must be carful with how you precede, otherwise you will simply be donating your money to Google …

For your Google AdWords campaigns, feel free to contact us to benefit from professional expertise.

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