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Google+ is not a Facebook clone

Google+ continues to grow due to professionals who want to improve their visibility on the Internet. While some people continue to compare Google’s social network to the likes of Facebook, others have clearly understood their differences and the potential that Google+ represents for their online visibility. The purpose of this article is to provide you with details about Google+ and to explain why this tool is worthy of our interest.

Google+ vs. Facebook

Google’s founders and Google+ executives do not define Google+ as a social network but rather as a social layer added to existing Google services. In addition, you will find that Google seeks to link all its services together in order to offer users a complete and perfectly homogeneous platform. It was from this idea that the “Google Hangouts” tool was created, which allows videoconferences to be made between several users and lets these videos be transfer to Youtube for potential customers to view them.

The +1 also represents much more than the famous “likes” on Facebook. In fact, Google uses this button to identify the interests of its users and improve the targeting of content that it offers on all its platforms (Youtube, Google search results etc.).

The system of “circles” proposed by Google+ also adds a new layer in how we manage our contacts, whether by affinity (friends, colleagues, knowledge) or by interest (news, sport, well-being etc.). So you can choose which news feeds to consult and avoid finding yourself (like on Facebook or Twitter) with a set of publications having no relation to each other.

The Google+ advertising system is also different from that of Facebook or Twitter because the ads are not displayed in users’ news feeds. Google stands out again by creating +posts ads that allow companies with a Google+ Pro page to use their ads as real ads across the Google publisher network (Google AdSense). There is once again the perfect synergy between the different services offered by Google.

The link between Google+ and Google search results

One of the main strengths of Google+ is of course its influence in terms of Google search results. For example, if you search for a company and you have a Google+ page, Google will display more information about the company (including its logo, articles, address, etc.), thereby increasing its visibility.

In order to improve the relevance of its search results, Google collects all the information it can about its users and content publishers (companies, bloggers, consumers, etc.). This is how Google is able to offer the ability to get results based on the people you’re following on Google+ (also called “Search Plus Your World”). This functionality allows companies to influence the search results of those who follow them and thus greatly improve their visibility.

If you have a Gmail account, you automatically get a Google+ account, so it is strongly recommended that you build your subscriber network to ensure you have an influence in terms of search results.



While Facebook and Twitter are “simple” social networks, Google+ is a new concept, a social-oriented one, which expands the Google empire that is already very (maybe even too?) Powerful. While it is known that Google owns more than 80% of the Internet search market and concentrates its efforts to link all its services to each other, the question of being present on Google+ does not need to be asked by companies or Bloggers who want to increase their presence on the Internet.

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