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How can you improve the quality of your website content?

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The world of digital marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and focused on web content. Looking to succeed in this landscape, many strategists reflexively publish as much website content as possible with the hope of gaining visibility.

Unfortunately for them, this is not always the case. As larger numbers of web marketers use the same strategy, the market is flooded with content of dubious quality. Rather than providing credible, useful and engaging information to online users, this approach leads to confusion and cynicism within the public.

With this in mind, how can you improve the quality of the content you publish to gain an edge over the competition?

Define specific goals for your website content

This first point may seem obvious, but nonetheless constitutes the basis of a web content marketing strategy. Planning your publications according your long-term goals is essential. Do you want to influence your readers’ thoughts? Do you prefer to inform your customers and readers? Do you simply want to attract more traffic to your website? Some of your goals can sometimes be opposed to each other. This is why you need to have a clear and fixed idea, otherwise you may be wasting time and energy instead of taking advantage of a very useful contact writing tactic.

Do some research before writing content

Because developing web content is, by definition, a competitive process, you need to make an effort to learn about your competitors and your environment. In doing so, you will gain insights about your rivals, your audience, and how the keywords you choose will help you stand out. Otherwise, you could invest a great deal of time and resources in your content writing strategy, yet still miss your chance to connect with your readers. If you choose a subject without considering what has already been explored by the competition or the needs of your audience, you are reducing your chances of success. Good web copy therefore requires initial research.

Don’t minimize the importance of details in web content

As is the case in many areas of online marketing, making small adjustments can have a big impact. If the subject you choose for an article is extremely competitive, your chances of standing out are pretty slim. If you have done proper keyword research (as suggested in the previous point), you may have found variations of your keyword that have less competition but still have a high search volume. Adjusting your content by focusing on these terms can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Other small adjustments can consist of tactics as simple as shortening your titles or making the effort to insert keywords in your editorial content on a regular basis. These actions also align well with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, since they make the content of your articles even more readable and focused to search engines. Inserting relevant hypertext links to other pages of your website can also help give you more authority. Although these are minor steps for a web copywriter, they can lead to a significant increase in your performance over improving your position in search results.

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Always follow your website’s progression

Regardless of the effort you put in, if your web content is not read or doesn’t encourage readers to take certain actions, you will miss your target. As with most online strategies, there are several ways to measure your progress over time. You can then use this data to help steer your strategy toward specific avenues.

As a content specialist or web editor, you should regularly identify your most popular articles and measure their performance against your latest articles. For example, how much engagement has a new web page generated? How many views and visits or how much consultation time did it provide? Have your investments been worth it?

If the answer is no, focus on the factors that made your best content successful. It may be the subject, the writing style, the title or the format that satisfied the readers. Determine your strengths and align these qualities with your future publications.

There is no doubt that focusing on quality rather than quantity of web content will bring revenue to your business. However, you may need to change some of your habits to ensure your time and money investments don’t go to waste. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to hire professional content writers!


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Eugénie a commencé sa carrière en marketing Web chez Microsoft auprès de partenaires tels que Hewlett-Packard et Dell. En 2013, elle co-fonde My Little Big Web avec Maxence afin d'aider les PME à optimiser leur marketing Web. Ses compétences en SEO, publicité en ligne et expérience utilisateur permettent aux clients de My Little Big Web de se positionner rapidement et durablement en haut des résultats de recherche. Le partage de connaissances fait partie de ses priorités. Elle donne donc de nombreuses formations internes et externes ainsi que des conférences sur de multiples thèmes relatifs au marketing numérique.

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