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How does content marketing transform a business?

Last update : 25 November 2020

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According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a technique that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent textual content in order to attract the attention of a well-targeted audience. This approach is taken to guide the client’s actions in a way that benefits a company.

But why and how do you implement such a strategy for SMEs? This article will help you discover the different benefits of content marketing.

Why use content marketing for an SME?

Traditional marketing and advertising is often avoided by Internet users, who are increasingly demanding of advertisers. However, they are also suspected of reading very little. In the case of content marketing, the goal is to deliver valuable, catchy content that meets a specific need.

The purpose of this type of action plan is for the public to consume the content without thinking about any form of underlying sales. To do this, several guidelines can be taken into account in a content marketing strategy.

Before taking a deeper look at the benefits of content marketing, it’s important to understand the four stages of the typical buying cycle.

  1. Recognition: the customer may have a need but doesn’t realize that a solution exists yet.
  2. Research: once the client knows that a solution exists, they begin searching for relevant information to find the best option for their needs.
  3. Comparison: at this point, the customer compares different products from different sellers to find the best value for their money.
  4. Purchase: the customer finally makes his decision and proceeds with the transaction.

Traditional advertising generally works quite well for the last two steps. However, content marketing hits the bull’s eye for the first two steps. That is to say, it makes people aware of a need and therefore makes them consider purchasing a good or service that they didn’t even know existed. In this way, the customer doesn’t feel pressured and confidence is built between the potential buyer and the company offering its product.

Content marketing also provides the benefit of fueling and supporting other parts of digital marketing. With relevant and original material, you can generate more visits via social networks. It’s also possible to improve your SEO performance by creating compelling links and using keywords that can improve SEO on search engines.

Content in a marketing strategy

Content comes in many forms. The possibilities are practically endless, which justifies carefully planning your strategy before distributing your material. In short, you have to give the right content to the right person at the right time.

In order to simplify your understanding of the various types of content, it’s worth grouping them into three sections, according to the effort required to produce them.

  • High effort content (blog posts, infographics)
  • Medium effort content (Q & A’s, frequently asked questions)
  • Low effort content (user-generated content)

Regardless of the type of content that will be prioritized, it is better to focus on quality over quantity. Of course, it is not necessary to create all the content you will make available all at once. Instead, you can periodically share your findings with customers through social networks or a website. Your goal is to meet the expectations of your audience according to their field of interest. As such, we put more focus on the customer than on the brand.

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The importance of a long-term strategy

In the same vein as focusing primarily on the customer, it has been shown that investing in a long-term strategy can yield significant results. In general, a long-term strategy will demonstrate that you give priority to customer relationships, rather than the product. When your content is reliable, useful and enriching, your content marketing strategy will create trust and loyalty. Generating these positive emotions provides an advantage that can only be achieved with long-term campaigns.

In short, this type of strategy provides you with the opportunity to rise to the rank of expert by sharing relevant content and demonstrating your expertise to a clientele that probably still doesn’t know that it needs YOUR services!

Do you want to start developing a content marketing plan to meet the different expectations of targeted users? Contact our team now. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you implement a strategy that will meet your expectations!


Co-founder and SEO-SEM Specialist

Eugénie began her web marketing career at Microsoft with partners that included Hewlett-Packard and Dell. In 2013, she co-founded My Little Big Web with Maxence to help SMBs optimize their web marketing. Her SEO, online advertising and user experience skills help My Little Big Web's clients quickly and lastingly rank at the top of search results. Since she is committed to sharing knowledge, she teaches many internal and external workshops and gives talks on various topics related to digital marketing.

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