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How to choose the right influencer

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An increasing number of companies are choosing an influencer marketing strategy to more effectively promote their brand online. This new type of marketing attracts businesses in all sectors, from tourism and fashion to video games. However, when faced with the huge community of influencers on social networks, making a choice can be difficult. The influencer’s subscriber count isn’t all that matters. An influencer with 200,000 subscribers doesn’t necessarily generate more engagement or conversions than an influencer with 10,000 subscribers. Several criteria are important to consider if you want to make the right choice for your business.

Consistency between the influencer’s community and your target audience.

It is important that the influencer’s community overlaps with your target audience. An influencer whose area of interest is cooking won’t have much influence on a cosmetics consumer. Similarly, it is important to consider the consumer habits of the influencer’s community. Targeting an influencer that is known for finding bargains is useless if your product or service is primarily aimed at people with a higher living standard that don’t care for cheaper deals.

In addition, the type of content and the comments can be very revealing about the type of community an influencer has. Spend some of your time reading the content and comments of influencers you find interesting. You will discover more about their brand, the level of trust within their community, their area of expertise, credibility, etc. You will very quickly understand whether or not the influencer is the right person to promote your offer.

The relationship between the influencer’s values and those of your company

Influencers inevitably convey values that they hold dear through their content. Your company, much like the influencer, doesn’t want a partner with contradictory values, nor one whose e-reputation will taint them. Its important to understand the values promoted by your company and what you offer in order to find influencers who share the same values or come close. How do you determine an influencer’s values when you don’t know them? Once again, you need to consume their content, analyze their rhetoric through descriptions of their publications or blog posts and read their responses to comments from subscribers. Or, simply chat with the person via email. After a few exchanges, you will quickly notice the influencer’s professionalism or lack of motivation.

From a simple reading of her video description, we quickly understand that this influencer advocates the values of a healthy and vegan diet. It becomes apparent cooking is one of her areas of focus.

The performance of previous influencer collaborations

If you want to develop an effective influencer marketing strategy and choose the right influencer, it’s worthwhile to study their past collaborations. Most online influencers are used to collaborating with brands. This is how they monetize their social media activity. To narrow down your choice, it may be wise to analyze the performance of the influencer’s previous collaborations with other companies. Not only will this give you collaboration ideas, but it will confirm the influencer’s professionalism. Branded content is easily identifiable: most often the brand is identified on the publication or mentioned in its description. The mention of “sponsorship” may also be found in the title or in the video content (like in the image below). Find these mentions and you can uncover the quality of the content, the commitment generated and the influencer’s creativity and ingenuity. In other words, a set of valuable criteria to ensure a successful collaboration.

In the above image, we can see the influencer’s professionalism: she mentions the partnership with a makeup brand and promotes it in her description in a personal and professional manner.

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Planning for the long-term

Another tip for choosing the right influencer to promote your brand is to focus on the long term. If all the criteria mentioned above are met but a long-term partnership seems unrealistic, the influencer probably isn’t right for you. The advantage that comes with building a long-term relationship with an online personality is that trust naturally sets in little by little. You will be able to reach out to them in the future for other product launches for example. This will also prevent having to constantly research and analyze to find other influencers.


In short, subscriber count isn’t the only thing that matters when choosing an influencer. Finding the right influencer requires time but remember that this online personality will represent your brand on social media in front of thousands of potential consumers. Research and analysis is therefore crucial to establishing a high quality and long-lasting partnership.

If you need help finding the perfect influencer to promote your business online, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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