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How to use social media to improve your SEO

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When implementing your web marketing strategy, a lot of questions probably spring to mind. Among these, perhaps you wondered if your actions on social media improve your SEO. If so, well, you have put your finger on a very relevant question that generates a lot of discussion. Here is Google’s answer on the subject: “Social networks have no influence on the positioning of websites”.
Wait a minute! Don’t leave just yet. The answer is not so simple and is actually much more nuanced (we are getting used to it, Google’s SEO rules are never all black and white ).

To begin with, Google does not take into account social signals such as the number of likes, shares, comments etc.

It should also be noted that the links you can get from social media are “no follow”. This means that these links don’t transfer the authority of the site they are found on. For example, when you put a link to your site on your Facebook page, Facebook’s authority is not transferred to your site like a traditional link.

On the other hand, even if social media doesn’t directly improve your SEO, it doesn’t mean that there is no impact at all. Quite the opposite, social media does improve your SEO, only indirectly. We will explain how.

Improve your content visibility

First, you can use social media to increase your website visibility and traffic by promoting your content. This includes, for example, promoting your blog posts to your subscribers.


Increasing the reach to the maximum will allow you to connect with as many people as possible. When you reach these users, you are more likely to have them share your content. The more content is shared, the more likely it is to be reproduced on other websites and therefore to generate links (see the next section for details on how to do this).

For maximum visibility on Facebook, you can add hashtags or keywords to your post description to target specific themes that will reach a wider audience and promote your content beyond your subscriber circle.

Social networks have search features just like search engines. As a result, they are bound by the same principles.  In the same way as for Google or Bing, keywords and hashtags are used by Internet users to find content grouped under the same theme. So, by adding relevant keywords or hashtags to your posts, you can target these people.

Consider an example: let’s say you are a company that sells cosmetics. In your posts, you can use terms such as “cosmetics”, “beauty”, “skincare”, etc. This will allow you to display your products, services and offers to an audience that is highly likely to be interested.

Note: in addition to these keywords and hashtags, feel free to boost your posts by choosing the audience you want to target. This will allow you to further expand the potential number of visitors to your website.

Boost-publications-facebookBoost a post on Facebook


Use social media to get backlinks

This is where things get particularly interesting. If the content you promote appeals to its quality, it will generate engagement with your audience that is more likely to be shared with others. Among these people, there may be bloggers who will take your link and share it with their own community.

This will generate backlinks to your site and gain referral traffic, which is a very good thing for your SEO. Better yet, if you are referred by a site with strong domain authority, you will not only gain more visibility, but you will also meet another essential SEO factor, namely the building of trusted external links.


Example of a social media mention

Of course, if you want others to mention your articles, they have to be relevant and high quality, so make sure you write your content carefully.

Also make sure you return the favor to those who mention you by giving them a shout out as well. This will create a partnership with them and they will be more likely to mention you in their next posts or articles. You can also be proactive by sharing content that you like yourself. If you don’t know which influencers to target, you can use tools like Mention or Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo Social Media SEO


Note that the engagement generated by your content influences your SEO. Content that has received a lot of engagement will position itself very well in search results.

According to Moz, SEO algorithms focus on the number of users who have engaged in content. If there are many, it will clearly indicate that the content is worth highlighting, since it already has significant authority.

So make sure you create engaging content for users. Why not use the YouTube platform, which has more than 1 billion users, to create fun content based on one of your products or to showcase a service? Not only will you be able to better connect with your community, but you will also be able to adopt a “lighter” tone.

You can also use these videos to better illustrate your blog posts. This will keep the readers’ attention and they will stay on your page longer. This will reduce your bounce rate and satisfy another essential ranking factor for your SEO!

Similarly, thanks to these videos, you can show your future customers that you are fully committed to your business and that you are not doing things halfway. If your videos are popular and generate a lot of views, your prospects will be more likely to do business with you than with another company that overlooks this strategy.

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Social networks can build brand awareness

Social media helps you build your brand awareness and credibility with users. If you are popular on these networks, they will be more likely to recognize you in search results and click on your website than on a competitor’s website they are unfamiliar with. This will allow you to increase your click through rate (CTR). You will also get more organic traffic, since people who already know you and trust you will type your company’s name directly into search engines as soon as they need one of your services.

If you are a young company, social media will be all the more important because it will help you make yourself known. These platforms are a place to find potential customers, develop your network and build your reputation.

Your social media also gives you the opportunity to advertise yourself in ways beyond your website. When you create a profile, you are positioned in the search results pages. Of course, your website will generally be in the first position of results, but these social networks allow users to learn about you and see another side of your business besides your website. The content posted on these social networks can tip the balance in your favour over a competitor and influence clicks on your site.



In the end, even if social networks don’t improve your organic traffic, they indirectly contribute to it by improving your visibility, generating backlinks and building your reputation.

Note that the more popular a site is, the more positive signals it sends to Google, which will consider it worthy of being highlighted in search results.

For the rest, an SEO strategy is necessary if you want to be well positioned in search engines.

If you aren’t sure how to implement these strategies or if you want to entrust them to experts, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you.


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