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Increase traffic to your website: 8 ways to increase sales

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How do you increase traffic to your website? All Business owners ask themselves this question, sometimes twice a day! As we will see in this blog post, there are simple ways to boost traffic to your website. While these solutions may seem insignificant, together they can really make a difference in your website’s traffic volume.

Increase traffic to your website by adapting it for mobile use

Since mobile traffic has exceeded computer traffic, it is no longer acceptable to overlook mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. If your site is not suitable for mobile media, it is truly the first improvement you need to make.


Indeed, if you consider that 56% of Internet users who may visit your site will do it via mobile device, it is strongly recommended that you adapt your site for mobile use; even before spending the time to increase traffic to your normal site. It’s like hosting an open house for your shop when everything is still in boxes and that the aisles are poorly organized.

Keep in mind that it’s harder to bring people back to your site than to get them to come in the first place; the second visit really depends on the experience of the first visit (in reading this sentence, I admit it may seem complicated, but the idea is there).

I heavily stress this idea because I want you to really become aware of the importance of this criterion. When I talk about adapting your website for mobile devices, I’m speaking of course about the technology of “responsive design” but also the concept of user experience that I will detail in the next section.

Increase traffic to your website by optimizing it for visitors

To be totally honest: you have to adapt your website for your visitors and not for yourself. As specialists in user experience, we have the opportunity to see all kinds of websites. Some were designed by web designers who put beautiful images and animations everywhere, some by hardcore programmers who primarily seek to optimize site performance (loading speed, caching CSS files, server optimizations, modules optimization and source code etc.), others by SEO specialists who have focused on optimizing the website content so that pages get good ranking in Google search results.

All these practices are good but you have to remember that the first purpose of a site is not to be beautiful, super fast and optimized for search engines. The primary purpose of a website is to convert visitors into customers! Of course, aesthetics, speed and SEO are very important points, but they must be used to improve the user experience so that potential customers realize exactly what you expect from them. If you design your website primarily for visitors and not for yourself or Google, I guarantee that your traffic will increase on its own.

Increase traffic to your website by encouraging information sharing

It is very important to encourage your visitors to interact with your website by giving them the opportunity to comment on the content of your pages, or share it on external platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. When I talk bout encouraging them to share your content, I don’t simple mean adding social sharing buttons to your site. You must explicitly encourage your visitors to comment and share your articles. You can, at the end of your pages/blog posts, write phrases like “Did you liked this article? Feel free to share it on Facebook or send to your friends, “, ” Help us get the word out by sharing this page to your friends/family “,” contribute in the success of our site by helping us stand out” etc.

Increase traffic to your website by offering a newsletter for returning customers

As I explained earlier in this post, increasing traffic to a website is not done only to get new visitors. You must also seek out regular visitors, encouraging them to come back to discover the latest news about your business. For this, there’s nothing better than a newsletter sent on a monthly basis that summarizes your recent activities.

You can talk about the latest publications that you have posted on your site, current promotional offers or the latest news about your business. This will create a special relationship with your visitors, encouraging them to stay informed on the life and times of your site and business. You can do this using free software such as MailChimp, which has the advantage of being very intuitive and efficient.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to help you create and manage your newsletter.

Increase traffic to your website through SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the largest sources of traffic to a website. Indeed, the goal of SEO is to show the pages of your site on Google’s results so that people interested in the content of your site can easily find you. It is therefore very important to treat and improve your SEO in order to capture the most traffic.

This requires that you make a list of keywords you want to appear and then optimize your pages for each keyword. For more information about SEO, you can read our article “improving your SEO“, which explains the basics of SEO.

Increase traffic to your website by using your web signature

It’s simple, yet there are still many people who do not think to include the address of the website in the signature of their email. How many emails do you send a day? 20? 200? Even if you think it will only slightly increase your traffic, “slightly” is better than not at all. It costs absolutely nothing and lets you generate a little additional traffic.


Increase traffic to your website by being active on social media

Social media have become essential in any traffic generation strategy. If you have already installed and configured a monitoring tool such as Google Analytics on your site, take the time to analyze the portion of traffic from social media. If it is 10% or less, you’re under-exploiting this source of traffic. Besides the fact that social media allow you to increase traffic to your website, they also allow you to ensure that your visitors will not forget you.

Do note that you can also sponsor the publications you do on Facebook or LinkedIn in order to reach a wider target and capture new visitors to your site. For more information about advertising on social media, you can consult our “Facebook advertising” page.

Increase traffic on your website by using Google’s advertising system

99.99% of Google’s revenues come from advertising, so it’s clear that Google will make sure that its advertising system increases traffic to your website so that you can spend more on its platform. This source of paid traffic can be extremely effective if you want to quickly increase traffic to your website.

You can also use the technology dubbed “remarketing”, which means showing an advertisement to all the people who have already visited your site at least once.

This form of advertising is extremely effective for all people who want to attract return visitors to their website and make sure they are not forgotten. Remarketing works as well on Facebook that all sites have agreed to display advertising (and believe me: there are many).


The 8 tips listed below will really help you increase traffic to your website if you use them correctly. Some well have their limits (the signature or sharing on social media) but others really have unlimited potential (including online advertising and SEO). If you already put some of these practices in place but do not know how to improve your performance, do not hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation of your website and the actions you already have in place.

It’s been a pleasure to help you!


Cofondatrice et Spécialiste SEO-SEM

Eugénie a commencé sa carrière en marketing Web chez Microsoft auprès de partenaires tels que Hewlett-Packard et Dell. En 2013, elle co-fonde My Little Big Web avec Maxence afin d'aider les PME à optimiser leur marketing Web. Ses compétences en SEO, publicité en ligne et expérience utilisateur permettent aux clients de My Little Big Web de se positionner rapidement et durablement en haut des résultats de recherche. Le partage de connaissances fait partie de ses priorités. Elle donne donc de nombreuses formations internes et externes ainsi que des conférences sur de multiples thèmes relatifs au marketing numérique.

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