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Has it been a while since your app’s development? Have you launched your app, but the number of downloads has hardly taken off? Would you like to boost the volume of your downloads but don’t know what to do? Mobile apps play an increasingly important role in a company’s traffic/acquisition strategy. Today, we bring you all the tips and tricks that will allow you to optimize your communication strategy regarding your mobile application.

1 / Capitalize on your existing resources

Before attempting to exploit external communication media, we recommend that you first list your existing media and include various download links for your mobile application. By using all existing media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Newsletters, business cards, brochures, email signatures, pages of your website etc.), you can boost the number of downloads fairly consistently. Do not forget that a message must be repeated several times before triggering a purchase; this is the same principle for downloading an application. As a result, the more your message appears on your different social media sites, the greater the chance that users will download your app.

2 / Visit online promotion services

There are many online services of the type such as AppVIP, AppGratis, or AppFire, which let users test applications for free or at a very low cost. These services can enable you to quickly increase the market awareness of your application while gathering opinions and possible areas of improvement from user feedback. The advertised rates are around $1.50 per download. Therefore, we recommend that you closely monitor the quality of downloads and the reliability of the sites that offer this type of service before submitting your application. Indeed, some platforms are less reliable than others, and Apple is currently hounding the bad users (black hats). You should be aware that this practice can be risky for the referencing of your application. Above all use these services with caution.

3/ Use advertising networks such as Google AdWords/Facebook ads

While this is yet another way for users to hear about and then download your app, this promotion system remains the most powerful way to target smartphone users according to the criteria you deem to be the most relevant (age, sex, location etc.). Companies that go through these networks and target their audience correctly seem to generally get good results, displaying costs per download between $1-$1.5.

4 / Analyze your competition

The best way to appear on the top 50 most downloaded applications page is to analyze this ranking system regularly to identify the applications that work best. Once you have the list of keywords used by your competitors to reach the top positions, the most popular features of their applications, as well as downloads and comments left by users, you can adjust your strategy by applying the things that worked for them and improving on their weaknesses/short comings.

5 / Update your application

Updating your application will allow you to regularly appear on the ‘new app’ category and improve your SEO in the short term. At the category level, make sure you choose which list you want your application to appear on so as to improve your chances of appearing in the top results.

6 / Encourage user comments

Having users comment on your app will increase awareness (if your app meets their needs) as well as influence your download rates. Before purchasing a product or downloading an application, users increasingly consult the comments and ratings to ensure the reliability of the service offered. An application without comments or with few downloads will give users less confidence in your product, which could have negative results for your visibility/download rates. Do not hesitate to encourage users to leave their opinion or to rate your application.

7 / Offer a “light” version of your application

If you offer a paid application, an alternative ‘light’ or free version (or trial period) will encourage users to download and test your product. Like this, users can discover your product and see if it meets their needs. The trial period or free version will allow them to become familiar with your application before they decide to buy it. This is the particular case for instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp (free for one year for IPhone users).

8 / Contact important web ambassadors

Finally, one of the most effective solutions to promote your app is to contact influential bloggers so that they can test your product and write an article about it. Given that you may not be the first to do this, you may or may not get answers from them (even if you are offering financial compensation). You can also comment on various blog articles related to the theme of your application and submit a download link. You will benefit from the site’s notoriety that you comment on, without having to solicit its administrator. Another tip: you can offer your application to various bloggers free of charge, hoping that in exchange they write an post about your product.

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