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Leveraging social networks in your digital marketing strategy

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In 2019, social networks are used by a large number of individuals and professionals and therefore have enormous potential to increase your visibility.

Note that search engines do not directly take into account your social media efforts to determine your ranking in search results. However, your presence on social networks is by no means negligible and indirectly impacts your SEO for the following reasons:

  • Sharing posts increases your visibility and indirectly creates backlinks (external links);
  • You encourage Internet users to visit your website with engaging posts;
  • Your presence on social media maximizes your visibility.

Companies are therefore strongly recommended to have a solid and well-organized digital marketing strategy to stay in the race. The goal of this strategy is to build customer loyalty and attract new customers. Social networks are constantly evolving, however, so it is important to stay up-to-date by leveraging trends to strengthen your digital marketing strategy.

If you want to improve your social media strategy and achieve your marketing goals, follow the advice of My Little Big Web’s social media marketing specialists.

Engagement is more important than ever for digital marketing

In 2018, Facebook underwent significant changes and now focuses on the relevance of user interactions and social links. This means that the algorithm favours content that sparks real conversations rather than posts related to brand promotion, for example.

Establish an advertising budget on social networks

Given the changes in Facebook’s algorithm, it is now more difficult to deliver promotional content without paid advertising on this platform. This “paid reach” allows companies to continue to engage and interact with their audience, which is essential in a digital marketing strategy. So make sure you plan and organize an advertising budget for social networks. These changes will logically increase the number of advertisers.

Here is how to set up this Facebook advertising budget, an action called “boosting a post”.



Organic reach is not dead, however

Don’t think that organic reach has become useless and that you should only focus on the paid reach! Admittedly, organic reach is declining due to the number of advertisers increasing but continuing to post for free will help you maintain your brand image. In any case, and regardless of the type of posts you create, you should publish posts that will be useful for your followers and high quality.

Introduce ephemeral content into your strategy

Ephemeral content has grown enormously on social networks in the space of a few years. Take advantage of this trend to make your company more visible, since it effectively attracts the Internet user’s attention and encourages their engagement, even if this type of content is not permanently visible to users.

Stories are extremely popular

On social networks, “stories” are photos or videos that are deleted 24 hours after their publication. Introduced by Snapchat in 2011, they have been actively used since 2016 thanks to Instagram. Instagram attracts more than 200 million active users every day, which gives it real potential to increase your visibility. Posting stories on social networks will make you more visible and give you a better clickthrough rate. It also helps bring you closer to your followers, which is essential for a good user experience.



Live content is growing

Promoting your business with short live videos is a very good idea. It is an interactive way to convey a message while attracting user attention and therefore potential customers. Live video helps companies reach their audience on a human level, while developing the brand’s image and lifestyle.


How to create engaging ephemeral content

To create effective ephemeral content, you will need to use your imagination to attract the user. Since this type of content is not meant to stay online for more than a few days, it has to be powerful and appeal to your audience’s curiosity. This deadline gives the consumer the impression that he is privileged and allows you to build as much customer loyalty as possible. Combine temporality with creativity to face your competition. Some ideas for effective ephemeral content:

  • Promote a new product through a direct link like Facebook Like for example;
  • Promote your company’s culture by showing fun and entertaining activities at work;
  • Create a story of an ongoing event, such as a “behind-the-scenes access” to your company.
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Vary the type of content you offer on social networks

While each social network has its own unique format for publishing content, such as short posts on Twitter or photos on Instagram, these platforms are not limited to a specific type of content.  So don’t hesitate to vary the types of posts (videos, photos, articles, computer graphics, etc.) as well as your usual strategy. Why? If you consistently produce the same type of content, you will become predictable, bore your audience and work against your digital marketing strategy.

At My Little Big Web, we don’t hesitate to adapt to each platform while offering different types of content. For example, digital graphics are very successful because they are both visual and informative.

Here’s an example:



Use an influencer on social networks

Many companies include influencers in their digital marketing strategy. Influencers act as brand ambassadors on social networks. With their help, advertising can be done in a more subtle and natural way and is therefore better received by an audience. Celebrities aren’t the only ones being sought out for advertising. Micro-influencers are just as effective and committed, but much more accessible. Using the right influencer to promote your business will reach your audience through engagement. The influencer will create original content that fits your company. To find the right influencer, you can use three factors:

  • Relevance: the influencer in question shares content with an audience that is relevant to your company;
  • Reach: the number of people you can reach through their followers will bring value to your brand;
  • Receptivity: The followers in question must at all costs be receptive to the messages you want to convey through the influencer. Regardless of the number of followers, they must be interested in your services.

Implement intelligent customer service

Social networks are also the right place to set up chatbots, i.e. automated conversation programs with users. This uses artificial intelligence to promote a better user experience and interactions with your audience.



Use social networks in the most human way possible

Today, digital marketing is about reaching the consumer on the web, especially social networks. As you can see, this is based mostly on social interaction, relevance and user experience. The onus is on you to humanize the promotion of your services as much as possible by offering original, relevant content while targeting the right audience. You now have all the keys you need to succeed!

That said, if you need advice on your digital marketing strategy or managing your social networks, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to discuss with you.


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