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Organic SEO: When the Internet user becomes the center of attention

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Organic or natural SEO is a set of actions implemented on the pages of a website in order to not only improve their visibility to search engines, but also their visibility vis-a-vis Internet users. It mainly allows you to improve the positioning of a website on search engines (Google, Bing …).

So, before considering a position on the top 3 best web applications, it is important to think carefully about how you will set up your organic SEO. In the wonderful world of search engines, when it comes to highlighting your site, your products/services on the professional scene, the top-most positions are becoming a more and more luxurious option!

Organic optimization: between optimization and natural results

Organic SEO works on many factors like URLs, keyword pages, content articles, the internal linkage, outbound links, etc. These factors are then analyzed by robots that browse the web for search engines in order to determine the positioning your site deserves.

For many years, it was easy to play with the search engine robots and show them the things that we want them to see to improve your SEO. However, these formerly highly referenced sites on the web have become less and less relevant to users because these users themselves were not “the priority” (the robots were).

Over the years everything has changed, including Google whose criteria of organic SEO has evolved to make room for a policy that puts the Internet user in the center of interest by providing the best navigation experience possible. All this was made possible thanks to the changes made by Google to its algorithms, which give a greater notion of everything that is on the Internet.

With these changes, Google has undertaken a significant modification in the field of organic search criteria; this was all done in the hopes of setting up a natural foundation unlike any previously established strategy.

And this is where the question arises: SEO, is it really natural?

I would say yes, but it is clear that simply looking at the term organic SEO and its implementation shows that it is not really 100% natural, but a strategy. SEO requires work and follow up on medium/long term goals, regularly redesigning many factors.

So today organic SEO still remains a key strategy for your website. But the implementation of all SEO levels should be undertaken: not only for search engines, but for the satisfaction of all internet users who will visit your site by offering relevant pages, quality content, all on a site that meets the desired requirements by Google.

Is organic SEO accessible to all?

Organic SEO is a discipline open to everyone, for all websites and whose principles are easy to understand. Anyone who has a domain on the web can and should want to position high on search engines. With some basic knowledge and a little common sense, you can already look at improving your positioning.

But, as is often the case, we do not know where to start and we have a lot of questions about the implementation of SEO. And the answers are numerous as they depend mainly on the progress of your web project:

  • Do I set up my organic SEO before or after the launch of my website?
  • My website has already been online for some time, why doesn’t my organic SEO strategy work?

In the best of worlds, it is always better to establish an organic SEO strategy before setting up your website because it will be easier to implement and to counter the various problems related to the development of your site when it is online (inconsistency in the structure of your site, URL processing, changes to your content…). But rest assured, if your site is already online and you do not have knowledge of organic SEO or your strategy is not working, it is not too late to improve your SEO and raise your site to high positioning.

But why is it important to go through a professional, if organic SEO seems so easy to put together?

Under the apparent simplicity of organic SEO, there is a lot of important information to consider when developing your SEO strategy. And despite the many existing articles on the subject, it can be difficult to obtain the desired results. A professional has the opportunity to identify the key points of your pages that can block the ascension of your SEO, but also to analyze the development and structure of your site to determine the factors involved. They can put in place true SEO expertise, using their knowledge of marketing and the many types of analytical software available. They will also propose the development of a good content strategy and relevant articles in order to attract new visitors and retain old ones.

Finally, a professional can anticipate future demands of search engines and take the lead on these new developments during the development of an organic SEO strategy and its implementation. Be aware of scams that some SEO experts sell; these usually get no lasting results.


Organic SEO is back in the race to help find relevant and quality websites while focusing on a strategy that targets your audience. You will need to undertake a lot of work over a long period of time to understand your customers’ needs and searches, to better create related content to promote qualified traffic to your pages. Keep in mind that your site represents you; it is the link between your products/services and the customer. Even if your domain is found to be well-positioned on search engines, you may not get the results you seek. You must build your site so that your customers love to come and read your content, consult your products and in this sense your site will gain importance in the eyes of search engines.

If you enjoyed our article, feel free to take a look at one regarding local SEO and sharpen your expertise in SEO!

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