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Why is web project management so important?


It helps you define each step of the project

Whether for a website design or a web marketing strategy implementation, our project managers will lend their support every step of the way to keep you updated and well-informed on the progress as well as the work to be carried out.


It helps you meet every deadline

No one likes work handed in late, and it is very easy to exceed deadlines if we don’t keep an eye on everyone working on a project (our team members as well as yours). Our web project management services ensure that everyone delivers what is expected of them on time in order to meet every deadline.


It keeps project participants in sync

A single project often brings together several people who need work together seamlessly. In order not to lose focus among all the experts working on your project, you will be assigned a specific project manager who will work with you throughout all stages of the project you entrust us with.

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Our little big web project management services

Setting your project goals

We believe that the first step in effective online project management is defining clear and precise goals. Essentially, many projects fail or don’t achieve the expected results because they were poorly defined at the outset. This often results in a waste of time and money for each of the stakeholders.

We therefore start each project by drawing up the list of goals and we ask each person in charge of its execution (client and internal team) to approve it before moving on to the next step.

Developing a strategy

Once the project goals are clearly defined and approved, we work on a strategy which respects the constraints related to deadlines, budget, technique and needs.

Organizing the goals in order of importance is crucial to guide the strategy according to priorities. It can sometimes happen that certain constraints force us to make choices to ensure that the project goals are attainable.

Establishing effective communication

When an online project is being carried out, there will be a great deal of information, some more important than others. Sorting this information by priority is necessary for clear and efficient communication to be maintained with the project team and the client.

A clear and positive manner is essential to get the message across. There are many different communication channels: email, telephone, face-to-face meetings, video-conferences, documents, etc. It is important that the messages are well-organized and that all project members are kept informed of changes and developments in real-time.

Managing unforeseen events

As a web project progresses, problems inevitably arise: these may be internal, external, technical, management-related or communication problems. It is essential to be prepared to address these problems to resolve them quickly. This is not always straightforward when working as part of a team. Essentially, working with others requires the ability to obtain consensus and negotiating to reach an agreement.

Excellent leadership qualities are also needed to bring participants with differing opinions into agreement in a project. This not only depends on individual qualities but also involves the degree of commitment, motivation and sense of responsibility felt by the person towards the work.

Measuring results

Whether over the course of the project’s different stages or at the end, it’s important to compare the goals set, the applied strategy and the results achieved.

After all, nobody’s perfect and all of us gain experience by analyzing the key factors which have contributed to the success of a project and those which, on the other hand, leave room for improvement to achieve maximum efficiency.

For these reasons, we hold regular meetings with all team members to discuss project progress and take the time to review the latest results.

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  • Thanks to MLBW for your support, your creativity, your professionalism and your dynamic teamwork throughout our experience with you.

    This was a great progression for us.

    We recommend it to everyone, whether professionals or amateurs!


    Maxime Bélisle
    Maxime Bélisle Founder of lhorloger.ca
  • A BIG THANKS to the team at My Little Big Web for such a beautiful website.

    The team really listened to my input, and was quite responsive and efficient throughout the entire process.

    I have absolutely no regrets in my choice of your agency, as you gave me exactly what I wanted; all with impeccable service 🙂

    Laura Belfadla
    Laura Belfadla Académie Végétale
  • I must absolutely underline the professionalism of the superb team from My Little Big Web!

    A young and dynamic team who listen to my needs and are very quick to respond. I recommend them without hesitation!

    I have found a long-term partner for my business!

    Éric Giroux
    Éric Giroux CEO of Productions Disco-Tech

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